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Democracy In Action!

May 29, 2017
On the radio show this week we cover the latest on healthcare and what you can do to make sure it isn’t cut for 23 million people; the terrible, awful, no good, very bad budget that Trump proposed and how to stop it; paid family and medical leave in the United States of America; and why David...
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10 Ways to Keep Spanish Alive in our Home

May 26, 2017
The moment they brought my baby girl to my arms, the only words that came out of my mouth where in Spanish. Since I married an English speaker, and realized we would be raising our family in a small town in North GA, I felt fear that my children would not be able to communicate with my family in...
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Five Ways to Help Your Children Succeed in School and Life in Late Spring with #MomsReading!

May 25, 2017
Welcome to another installment of #MomsReading! In this series, we discuss books and activities that parents and care providers can use to build a child’s social and emotional development. The rest of the posts in the series can be found here . Social-emotional skills support the success of...
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8 Free Online Language Learning Resources

May 24, 2017
I remember the first day of 7th Grade when I walked into my Spanish 1 class. We were given new names (Bethany was now Betania) and started the class by singing the Spanish alphabet. I was like Kindergarten all over again. When I was growing up, schools did not start offering language classes until...
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RSVP to our early learning meeting with Cambridge, MA Mayor E. Denise Simmons!

May 19, 2017
Join us for a high-impact meeting with Mayor SImmons to discuss early learning opportunities in Cambridge, MA.
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Dr. Fabrice Jaumont offers insight on dual language program creation in NYC

May 18, 2017
Dr. Fabrice Jaumont is the Education Attaché at the Embassy of France in NYC. In that role, he has played an instrumental role in the creation of French dual language programs in New York City and has also helped parents interested in opening programs in other languages navigate the DOE system. You...
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California, add your name! Families should not have to choose between a job and affordable childcare!

May 16, 2017
California friends, I wanted to make sure you heard the update! You might remember that the Governor’s original budget proposal in January reneged on millions of dollars in promised funding for early learning programs.Thousands of MomsRising members across California jumped into action and urged...
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A Bilingual Lifestyle Has Made Us a Better Family

May 16, 2017
Note: This is a guest post by Aileen Passariello-McAleer, co-founder of MamaLingua for The BilingualRisers campaign. I was raised in a Spanish-speaking household. Although I heard Spanish throughout my childhood, I rarely responded in Spanish. I didn’t know how important my language was to me until...
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Why our family loves dual language education

May 15, 2017
As a mom, I’ve seen first-hand the advantages of dual language programs to the academic and social-emotional development of my son. My kid is a second grader in a dual language Mandarin-Chinese program in Seattle and here is what he has to say about it: Having a quality dual language program is...
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3 Razones por las que Necesitamos Más Programas de Lenguaje Dual

May 15, 2017
Antes de que mi primera hija naciera, cuando todavía no podía decidirme por un nombre, o el tipo de pañales que iba usar, había algo que sí tenia claro: ella iba a ser bilingüe. Ya que el español era mi idioma natal, yo creía que sería muy fácil. Sin embargo, pronto descubrí que eso no iba a ser...
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