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¡No se la pierdan! Nuestra conversación en #EarlyEdChat acerca de las #manualidades de #niños

July 8, 2015
La semana pasada tuvimos un #EarlyEdChat por twitter acerca de las manualidades de niños. Nuestra visita especial fue Sylvia Akamine, pintora, madre en el estado de Kentucky y editora del blog Latina Con Estilo . Entre las ideas creativas que compartimos -- ¡habían muchas! -- compartimos como hacer...
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ICYMI: Holiday Arts & Crafts for Kids via #EarlyEdChat!

July 8, 2015
In case you missed it, last week and our Spanish arm Mamá hosted an #EarlyEdChat on twitter regarding holiday-themed arts and crafts for kids. Our special guest was artist, Kentucky mom and publisher of the Latina Con Estilo blog -- Sylvia Akamine. Among some of the cool...
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California Victory for our Little Ones!

July 8, 2015
I’ve got good news! After hearing from thousands of California MomsRising members, Governor Jerry Brown and the California Legislature approved a budget that includes important investments in our state’s early care and education system. The budget that Governor Brown signed includes more than $300...
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Making History for Our Littlest Learners

July 1, 2015
Can we take a moment to celebrate? We made history this week. Washington state passed and funded The Early Start Act, making this the largest expansion of early learning in our state's history. The voices of moms, dads, grandparents, and early learning supporters made the case for increasing access...
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Tragedy to Triumph: How a Child’s Bravery Helped Put Away a Rapist

June 23, 2015
I’ve been in the child protection business for 11 years and a mommy for 8, so there’s not much that fazes me. I’ve always had what my mom calls an “iron stomach”—I’ve had stomach flu exactly once, and food poisoning never—and remain completely undaunted by the spectacular range of grossness that...
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3 Books to Inspire Reading and Exploring Nature

June 22, 2015
How can parents motivate kids to get outside and read this summer? We know that students can lose about a half to a full year of reading skills and comprehension over the summer, and that too many kids are staying inside on devices or screens. Summer is the perfect time for books that inspire kids...
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Summer's Challenge

June 19, 2015
Every mother knows how much work it can be to figure out summer plans for our kids, mesh parents’ work schedules with children’s summer pursuits, and find fun, educational activities that keep our children active and constructively engaged when schools are out. What looks like freedom and vacation...
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Safe and Private Isn't an Option

June 16, 2015
I don't have to tell any parent that, once you have a child in your life, privacy goes out the window. From the minute baby can walk, nowhere is sacred. You can't pee, shower, or dress without at least the threat of imminent interruption. Life gets all the more interesting when the child learns to...
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Yes! I can deliver a #Mission Possible packet to my local member of Congress!

June 10, 2015
In response to our #MissionPossible campaign to show lawmakers that building a stronger economy for working families and our nation IS mission possible, over one thousand people signed up to drop off booklets directly to their local member of Congress before June 21st. The booklet is an educational...
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My challenge to you this summer: DO IT DIFFERENT!

June 10, 2015
This morning I made migas with mushrooms for breakfast. Then I dropped off my son to volunteer at our friends wonderful farm camp (where I was greeted by roosters and got to pet a gentle horse and a goat) and I attended a morning yoga class. Driving to my office to begin my workday, I was almost...
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