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Springing into action after a Moms Meetup!

April 21, 2016
Last week, I went to a Moms Meetup on early learning with local MomRising members like myself, along with speaker Jeremiah Lowery of the Universal Child Care Now – D.C. Coalition to learn about early learning and child care in my community. A few days later, I found myself making the case for early...
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How Can I Help My Anxious Child?

April 19, 2016
Many parents are concerned about their child’s anxieties. All children have anxieties, yet sometimes they seem excessive. Parents can best help their when they understand the nature of their child’s inner experience, and are able to see the world through their eyes. What is anxiety?: We are...
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Blog carnival!

#InsideOut Blog Carnival: Focus on Social & Emotional Learning

April 19, 2016
It’s not news to moms that kids who are struggling socially or who feel unsafe are unlikely to enjoy and thrive in school. But there is increasing evidence that children who lack social and emotional skills are less likely to thrive as adults too. A recent 20-year study found that children who were...
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Investing in Prevention: What Does it Look Like and Why Does it Matter?

April 19, 2016
Well over half of youth sampled in the 2011 National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence reported experiencing or witnessing at least one form of exposure to violence. Other reports state that as many as 2 out of 3 children in this country have been exposed to trauma and violence. Trauma...
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Trauma Informed Care For Children of #MilFams

April 18, 2016
Every time I hear the statistics that 18 to 22 veterans commit suicide each day, I am heartbroken. I wonder what more could have been done to help. Perhaps nothing, but I don't really believe that. While I have never attempted suicide, I have experienced depression. My husband deployed last year...
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How to lovingly empower your children to speak your heritage language with you

April 19, 2016
There is a certain intimacy that comes with sharing a heritage language with someone you love. This is not a value statement. It’s no more or less intimate, just an additional layer in an intricately woven tapestry. With intimacy comes connection. With connection comes empathy and a deep sense of...
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Social and Emotional Learning for Bilingual Students

April 18, 2016
As the founder, and current Director of Admissions, of Escuela Bilingüe Internacional, a pre-kinder through 8th grade school in Oakland, California, I am frequently asked by worried, monolingual, English-speaking parents if their child will suffer emotional stress by being immersed in the Spanish...
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Early experiences, lasting consequences

April 18, 2016
I recently traveled to East Tennessee, up in the Appalachians, and the green and mountainous beauty all around really struck me. At the same time, I heard how difficult life there can be, especially for the adorable elementary-school children I was meeting. My local colleagues shared with me a wide...
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Babies’ Mental Health Matters

April 18, 2016
When we hear about a person’s mental health, it’s often in the context of a problem – a colleague is struggling to handle stress at work, a friend’s child is having behavioral problems at school, or a family member has received a diagnosis. And almost always, these discussions are limited to older...
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Courageous Conversations: How Moms and Families Can Have an Impact on Social Emotional Development through an Anti-Bias Approach

April 18, 2016
Moms don’t need much convincing: we know that the early childhood years are critically important in setting the stage for all that life has to bring, and the ways that children learn how to respond and react. Young children’s social and emotional development - that is, how they learn to relate to...
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