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Are you kidding me!?!? Just moments ago the U.S. Senate, half of whom are millionaires, voted to BLOCK the minimum wage bill—a bill that would have helped close the gender wage gap, lift 4.6 million people out of poverty, AND boost our economy.

Do they really think you can raise a family on $7.25 an hour? We’re outraged!

But moms don’t give up. We double down. We need to TURBO CHARGE our campaign to raise the minimum wage right now. Can you chip in $5?

It’s time to get the U.S. Senate moving again—and the voices of moms can help do just that!

We need to stand up for our nation, for our economy, and for moms like Rita, a MomsRising member from Florida:

“I have been a server for 15 years and raised four kids on a servers’ wages plus tips. Depending on other people to tip you, which doesn’t always happen, can be the most stressful part of being a server. There were many nights that I didn’t even make enough to pay my babysitter without digging into money put away for rent or utilities or groceries. We struggle 80% of the time to make enough to pay the absolute necessities, never mind anything extra.”

It’s time for moms, and all who love moms, to flex our political muscles. Women are predicted to determine the outcome of the next elections. We have the power.

Help us bring that power and some sense to our leaders about just how much it costs to raise a child in America today; and about what it’s going to take to boost our economy. (Hint: It now costs on average $200,000 to raise a child from birth to eighteen, not including college. While a person working, full-time, year-round at the federal minimum wage earns less than $15,000 per year.). It turns out that when people don’t have funds to spend, our entire consumer-fueled economy takes a hit.

Will you join me in making your voice louder by contributing $5 to MomsRising’s work on family economic justice issues?

With your support, we’ll bring forward the voices of moms like Rita to leaders at the very top, we’ll reach out to the media to share what’s really going on in our nation, and we won’t back down. We’ll remind lawmakers that raising the minimum wage boosts our economy. And we’ll make sure they don’t forget that moms stick together at the voting booth—and also that we’ll remember who was standing with working families and who was standing on the side of Wall Street lobbyists.

We have the power to change Washington, D.C. We have the voters. And with your support, we’ll have the resources to show our strength.

Contribute now!

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Thank you. Your support means everything to us.

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