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We’ve started a game of “Tag” with real life Healthcare Reform Myths & Facts---and by reading this right now you’re officially “Tagged.”  Why the game?  Well, things were getting so out-of-hand with ridiculous rumors flying, that we at MomsRising decided to add a little levity and, importantly, truth to the situation by starting a national game of Truth Tag with Healthcare Myths & Facts with you.

*Join us in a game of Truth Tag to help put a little more truth into the mix of the national dialogue on Healthcare Reform right now:

Here’s how you play online:  Take a moment to “Truth Tag” a friend or two, three, or four by clicking the easy link above, and voila, you’re in the game by instantly sending your friends an uplifting message with Healthcare Myths & Facts!

Your friends will thank you when you “Tag” them: Right now, too many people are having sleepless nights because of outlandish healthcare reform rumors--like that there will be “Death Panels.”  You can turn your friends'  sleepless nights into pleasant slumbers by “Truth Tagging” them so they have easy access to Myths & Facts about Healthcare Reform.  Plus, by passing the word around, you’ll be a part of changing the national dialogue on healthcare for the better.

Meanwhile… offline and on-the-ground, moms in capes are busting myths across the nation:

Faster than a toddler crawling toward an uncovered electrical outlet and more powerful than a teenager's social networking skills, moms across the country have been fanning out to dispel the unfounded rumors, misconceptions, and lies about healthcare reform.

MomsRising SuperMoms, dressed in red capes, have been distributing powerful truth flyers across the nation to passersby to educate them about what healthcare reform will really do, and about how it will help to ensure the economic security of families across the country.

*We can give our caped myth-busting moms some “online backup” by Truth Tagging friends with healthcare reform myths & facts today--it’s a online distribution of the same facts that the MomsRising SuperMoms Truth Squad are handing out in-person:

Why do these moms care? Over 46 million people in our nation don’t have any healthcare coverage at all, including millions of children. Not only are families struggling with getting children the healthcare coverage they need for a healthy start, but 7 out of 10 women are either uninsured, underinsured, or are in significant debt due to healthcare costs. In fact, a leading cause of bankruptcy is healthcare costs -- and over 70% of those who do go bankrupt due to healthcare costs had insurance at the start of their illness. Clearly we need to fix our broken healthcare system!

Don’t forget to help put some more truth into the mix of the national dialogue on healthcare reform right now:

Onward! - Kristin, Joan, Donna, Ashley, Julia, Dionna, Katie, Anita, Sarah, Mary, and the entire MomsRising Team

P.S.  Want to get more involved with the MomsRising Supermom Truth Squad? Click here:

P.P.S. When you go to the Truth Squad Tag page, you can also see a video of our MomsRising Truth Squad in action wearing capes!

HEY, ONE MORE THING: We’ve been hearing so much positive feedback about our caped crusading moms that it might be time to lead a giant march of moms on the national Capitol Mall.  Tell us what you think by commenting below!

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