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I'll get to it: This week, community leaders, immigrant rights organizations, and families, neighbors, and moms just like you are rallying across the country to call on the Trump Administration to end its inhumane practice of family separation and family imprisonment.

But we need your help. Click here to donate to the #FamiliesBelongTogether rallies happening in Seatac, Spokane, Vancouver, and Yakima. 100% of your donation will go to event organizers to be used to cover costs like permit fees, AV equipment rentals, event insurance, and other event expenses.

While Trump's Executive Order on family separation proved (again!) that our voices are powerful when we speak up for justice, it does not stop the Trump administration from continuing human rights abuses -- like imprisoning entire families simply for asking for asylum, which is their legal right under U.S. and international law.

We can’t let up the pressure! We must keep our voices raised, our calls going into Congress, and our letter writing, petition signing, and our rallying at full throttle.

Imprisoning children with their families is still imprisoning children. Help power the Families Belong Together rallies happening across Washington State this weekend by donating here. Your donation will go directly to cover event costs in Seatac, Spokane, Vancouver, and Yakima.

This weekend critically important actions are taking place across the country -- to make it clear we have zero-tolerance for Trump’s human rights abuses. It’s essential that people keep showing up and speaking out.

1️⃣ Can you join us this weekend at the Families Belong Together rally in SeaTac? Learn more and RSVP here!

2️⃣ Before you go to the rally, you can download MomsRising signs here.

3️⃣ Can't join in-person? That's ok. Click here to sign our petition to Congress calling for an end of family separation and family imprisonment. We will hand-deliver your signature, along with thousands of others, to Congress.

It’s long past time for President Trump’s lies and destructive immigration policies to end. Children deserve to be with their families outside of cages and they deserve to have their rights protected. Families should not be imprisoned. Reuniting children with their families and then imprisoning them indefinitely in jails or detention centers is no solution, nor is forcing them to return to the violence and danger they risked their lives to flee.

Trump’s Executive Order did not resolve these matters. In fact, the Trump administration created this crisis and the Trump administration still must offer real solutions that treat immigrant and asylum-seeking families with fairness, compassion, care, dignity, and respect.

Let’s make sure the Administration hears loud and clear that we aren’t going anywhere until there’s justice for these families. These rallies will be a powerful message to the Trump administration, but we need your help to make sure event organizers can have the permits, resources, materials, and equipment needed to make the biggest impact possible. Click here to chip in and help with event costs!

Our nation must do better than this. We can’t allow human rights abuses in the name of immigration enforcement to continue to happen -- and we also can’t turn our backs on one another now.

P.S. Want to do more to keep families together? Check out ->

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