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I am a mother.  I am lots of other things but as society continues to discount and undervalue this role, it is easy to get frustrated and not claim it as loudly as I should.  The world talks about how important mothers are.  Yet often mothers are the last ones on the list to be asked for their opinion about the issues that affect them.  The blogging and social media revolution is turning that around as the mothers who blog morph into a powerful global force.

I have been privileged to be asked by the UN Foundation to participate in a conversation we have called, "Changing the World, One Mother At A Time: A Conversation With Mothers On-line."

"Women and children have been the biggest topic of discussion during UN Week, so what do mothers themselves think? Hear from renowned bloggers on how mothers are reaching across boundaries, around the world to spread the word about our biggest global issues.  One mother, one neighborhood, one issue at a time."

Kristina Daniele

Kristina Daniele from and Emily McKhann from and I will present and discuss a microcosm of the websites and campaigns run by mothers for mothers, each linked in some way back to the critical work of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations.  Each story of action and activism changes the world just a little more.

Emily McKhann

There are literally millions of stories of world altering action by mothers.  We cannot give even a dozen of them breath next week.  I simply trust this will be one of many thousands of such conversations and initiatives in the coming years.

Bloggers - it is not to late to register to attend the UN Foundation Mashable 92 St Y UN Digital Media Lounge in New York.  It is free, you just need to be accredited, but act today!  The program of outstanding panelists on these critical issues runs all week from 21-24th September.  Be sure to come to our panel at 11am Friday morning September 24th.

Your input and thoughts are essential.  Stand up and be counted.  We need all of your voices.  Mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins.  Are you any one of these?  Do you have a child you love?  Then speak up and change the world.

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