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Remembering Micah's Smiles: How one mama has learned to live after kissing her 11 month old baby goodbye

December 27, 2013
When I married my best friend, Noah, we were young, healthy, and so excited to start a family together. We expected our family building journey to be simple. But, we struggled with infertility. Three years later, our miracle babies found us. We were ecstatic to have twin boys on the way. We named...
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We need more than "breast cancer awareness"

October 24, 2012
No one is more interested in breast cancer than I. My mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 10 years old and died of a recurrence seven years later. Now, more than twenty years after my mother's death, my sister and I are both nearing the age of my mother's first diagnosis and...
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"Case Against Breastfeeding" Overlooks Big Dirty Secret

March 17, 2009
Here’s what Hanna Rosin is missing in "The Case Against Breastfeeding" : Moms are being urged to breastfeed but set up to fail.

Paid Maternity Leave: breastfeeding won't work without it

March 1, 2009
There’s no question among health experts that breastfeeding is best for babies. It’s common knowledge that breastfeeding not only provides optimal nourishment for infants, but also protects them against infectious diseases, dehydration due to diarrhea, chronic diseases, obesity, and Sudden Infant...

Is Pumping the Only Option for Breastfeeding Mamas Who Work?

February 5, 2009
A couple weeks back I circulated Jill Lepore's New Yorker article about the breast pump to my closest friends of Facebook. The article raised some hackles from friends who felt like it was too critical of the commitment made by pumping mamas. And what is to criticize? Pumping takes a heroic effort...

Breastfeeding Mom Denied!

August 24, 2007
Doctors agree that breastmilk is best for infants, but their own licensing board isn't following doctor's orders. Sophie Currier recently learned that when it comes to supporting breastfeeding, many of our leaders--whether they are in the medical establishment (as in Sophie's case), business sector...
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