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If you committed fraud or stole, the consequences would be steep and probably lead to imprisonment. Unless, of course, you’re a banker. The crimes committed by big banks against millions of Americans have gone unpunished.

Big banks’ reckless behavior put our economy at the brink and their disregard for our laws has led to millions of unnecessary foreclosures. Yet, they haven’t been held accountable.

But, you can hold the big banks accountable for their crimes by participating in a National AG Call-In Day, taking place today, Feb 3.

Last week, homeowners in Iowa met for a second time with state Attorney General Tom Miller, who is leading the nationwide investigation into big bank mortgage foreclosure fraud. In December, AG Miller said he would put bank executives in jail for the crimes they've committed against the American people and would insist on a settlement with real, systemic solutions for American families. But last week, his stance was less clear. Now, Attorneys General are signaling that there will be no criminal penalties for bankers who broke the law - it only seems natural that as the top law enforcement officers in each state, they would have to pursue criminal penalties if they found out bankers broke the law.  It's their job, isn't it?

We know big banks are pressuring the AG’s for a quick settlement that lets them off the hook and AG Miller’s new stance can only mean one thing: that pressure is working. We can't let the big banks get away with their crimes. Many of us have watched how our communities have been destroyed by foreclosures and witnessed first hand how our friends, and families have lost their most valued possessions.

The Attorneys General and their investigation is the best opportunity we have to force banks to offer real solutions for families fighting to save their homes, we also have the biggest opportunity now to make our voices heard. We’ll never get our economy moving until we solve the housing crisis. A real settlement will go a long way towards doing that. It’s up to us to ask our Attorney General to not sell us out but exercise their power on behalf of those they are sworn to serve – the people.

Call your Attorney General today and tell them “Crime Shouldn’t Pay.” A few minutes of your time will go a long way in sending a strong message to the Attorneys General that we are watching their work closely and we won’t settle for anything less than deep penalties for the big banks and justice for millions of 
homeowners. has a list of the AGs and a sample phone script to make the call painless.

Please join me, and thousands of others, in calling your state Attorney General today!

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