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As you have probably seen in newspapers, on the nightly news, and social media, this issue is starting to heat up. This is good news for moms and dads around the country! Recently the President signed an Executive Order that raises the minimum wage to $10.10 for all new federal contract workers. And private companies like The Gap have announced that they would increase their minimum hourly salary to $10 in the next year.

Petitions are important, but they are even more powerful when they are backed by personal stories. We need to keep up the pressure in Congress and elected officials need to hear from you!

We want you (and your friends and family) to share your experience with MomsRising on what it’s like to live on a minimum wage and off of a tipped wage.

Your voice is a powerful one and members of Congress need to know what it’s really like to live on low wages. Please share your story with us here:

And if you have friends, family, and colleagues who also live on a minimum wage please forward this email to them and share this link on Facebook and Twitter.

We promise to share your stories with members of Congress and let your voice echo through the halls of Congress!

Remember if you have experience living on minimum wage or on tips please tell us about it here (and don’t forget to forward this link to your friends and family!):

Your voice is important! Together we can build a stronger economy, workforce, and American family.

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