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The number of people taking actions through the #5Actions a week program is incredible. Thank you. Together we’re having a big impact, including with advancing wins in the states (like Maryland and Washington), while we are also protecting policy (like healthcare) at the federal level.

It’s working! But we’ve got to keep the pedal to the metal! Below are the #5Actions for this week. You can do them all on one day, spread them out over the week, or just do whatever works for you. Just know that when you take action, you’re joined by people across the nation so your impact is amplified. Now, without further ado…drum roll please… the MomsRising Top #5Actions of this week!

1. Urge Congress to stand up for the media, judiciary, and the U.S. Constitution. Sign on our letter reminding Congress that it’s their duty to defend the media and the judiciary from Donald Trump's efforts to delegitimize them & urge them to protect the U.S. Constitution.


Background: The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has repeatedly called the media the "enemy of the American people." Wait. What? In the United States of America? This is beyond not okay. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press, as well as freedom of religion, are specifically protected in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and are part of the foundation of our democracy. Having the President say "the media is the enemy of the American people" tears at the fabric of our democracy and threatens all of our rights. But the media isn't the only part of our democracy that Trump's been hitting: In another recent Tweet, Trump referred to Judge James Robart, who ruled against his Muslim Ban because it wasn't legal, as a "so-called judge." This too is harmful. [3] To be clear, there is nothing "so-called" about that judge (or any judge). The judge in question, Judge Robert, was nominated by Republican President Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Our nation is centered on a system of checks and balances between the different branches of government (Executive Branch/President, Judicial Branch, and Legislative Branch/Congress), with all sworn to uphold our U.S. Constitution. In questioning the legitimacy of one judge, Trump questioned the Judicial Branch overall, and that too tears at the fabric of our democracy. This is dangerous to us all.


2. Help Washington State Pass Paid Family/Medical Leave! Let Washington State legislators know you’re counting on them to move this important policy forward as an example for the rest of our nation.


Background: Exciting news! While many eyes have been riveted on the train wreck that is Trump in Washington, D.C., wins are happening in the states! Last week, for the first time in history, the Washington State House Appropriations Committee passed a Paid Family/Medical Leave bill out of committee WITH funding. A victory! Help keep the pressure on by letting Washington leaders know the whole country is cheering them on.


3. Start a local MomsRising #KeepMarching Circle! We’re hearing from our members all over the country that they want to get together with friends, family and neighbors to take action. We are here for you! Let us know you want to start a #KeepMarching Circle by clicking the link below and we’ll support you with action resources, sample agendas, and more


Background: If you’ve been fired up and looking for ways to raise your voice and take action in support of families, communities, and our country... If you are ready to gather your family, friends and neighbors to storm the barricades in resistance… Sign up to be a MomsRising #KeepMarching Circle Leader! #KeepMarching Circles are an easy way to give form and function to what you’re likely already looking to do or may even be doing already: Meeting with others to talk about politics and share your anger and disgust, emailing around to each other petitions and actions to sign, gathering for postcard parties, attending town hall meetings together, and so much more.


4. Tell FedEx: Stop Supporting the National Rifle Association (NRA). FedEx is a member of the National Rifle Association’s Business Alliance. It’s time for Fed-Ex to step back from supporting an organization that’s blocking gun safety measures like simple background checks for gun purchases. Let Fed-Ex know that customers aren’t okay with their alignment with the NRA.


Background: The NRA works hard to flood our communities with firearms, and has created a gun mindset that conditions people to pick up a gun every chance they get, whether for sport or self-defense. With more than 300 million guns in circulation in the United States, and a “guns everywhere” culture, it's no wonder 100,000 Americans are injured or killed with guns every year. American businesses that serve families and communities, especially an iconic brand like FedEx, should have no part in helping to perpetuate even more gun sales and lethal gun culture. In 2016, FedEx was #58 on the Fortune 500 list of companies, with revenues exceeding $50 billion. As an economic powerhouse, and as an iconic American brand, it needs to send a message to the gun lobby and reassure the communities it serves that it does not condone the NRA’s extremist agenda. Tell FedEx to stop supporting the NRA. Tell it to pull out of the NRA’s Business Alliance now.


5. Boost access to healthcare for all! Now more than ever, we must protect all of the gains we’ve made in health coverage! One powerful way to do just that is to share and collect experiences of how access to healthcare coverage is saving lives so we can deliver them to members of Congress.


Background: Currently, over 90% of Americans are insured through employer-sponsored health coverage, Affordable Care Act Marketplace coverage, Medicare, Medicaid, and/or CHIP. This is a very good thing. This coverage is saving lives and boosting the economy. While everyone agrees there’s still work to be done to expand affordability and accessibility in our healthcare system, scrapping much of the progress we’ve made and starting at square one is a terrible idea and would be incredibly damaging to families across the country. Sharing stories about how the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP have helped families can help your members of Congress understand why repealing or weakening these critical healthcare programs is reckless and dangerous for America’s families.

Thank you for all you do to make our nation stronger and a place where everyone can thrive!

P.S. Let's get through Tuesday's unofficial State of the Union address together! Join us on Twitter 2/28 at 9pmET by following us at @MomsRising and @MamasConPoder. We'll be sharing actual facts, action links, blogposts and more on Twitter as President Trump speaks.

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