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Welcome to the MomsRising blog carnival about the human and civil rights impacts of current immigration law enforcement practices on children, mothers, and families. Our goal is to facilitate an online conversation on this topic by bringing together the voices of many people together in one online venue.

We thank the many bloggers who are contributing original posts to this blog carnival. We are also cross posting, and gathering links from, other eloquent blogs found across the web. Browse through this carnival – you’ll find a wide range of blogs from personal stories to policy analysis, from a focus on what is currently going on in Arizona to a wider lens on the human and civil rights impacts of current immigration law enforcement across the country, and more.

These blogs represent a variety of topics, but the heart of our blog carnival is addressing this: The need to further a rational, meaningful, and reasonable national conversation on the human and civil rights impacts of current immigration law enforcement practices that is based on understanding the real life experiences of mothers, children, and families who are affected by such practices. MomsRising is bringing forward this conversation as part of our overall mission to build a truly family-friendly America for all families.

- Kristin, Mary, Anita, Julissa, Donna, Joan and the team

Letters from Immigrant Mothers in Phoenix
by Cecilia Menjivar

Arizona's Law is a Social and Racial Sin
by Jim Wallis

The Story Behind My Film "Entre Nos"
by Paola Mendoza

An Unimaginable Choice
by Elisa Batista

Peaceful Revolution: Arizona's New Immigration Law and the "92 Percent Situation"
by Mary Olivella and Elisa Batista

We Need To Dump The Word "Illegal"
by Kung Li

The DREAM Act: Securing America's Future in Education
by Wendy Cervantes

A Salvadoran Immigrant Story
by Wendy Carrillo

Movie Review: La Misma Luna
by Erika Chavez

The American Dream
by Lecia Imbery

MANA Calls For Immigration Reform to Protect Children and Families
by Alma Morales Riojas

VIDEO: African American Ministers Leadership Council Signs Immigration Reform Covenant
by Marge Baker

Women's Stake in Fighting Arizona's New Law
by Ellen Bravo

Arizona's Anti-Immigrant Law Does Not Reflect Our Common Values
by Victoria Lopez, ACLU

Victims and Witnesses are Made Criminals When State and Local Police Enforce Immigration Laws
by Rights Working Group

Ripping Families Apart
by Jennifer Chrisler, Family Equality

Korean Americans Marching in Solidarity Under the Phoenix Sun
by EunSook Lee

We Should All Be Strongly Opposed to Arizona's SB 1070. Why?

A Univision debate on AZ law

Read This Before You Debate Immigration Reform
by Jill Richardson, La Vida Locavore

Arizona tourism loses more business in wake of immigration law vote, Washington Post, May 12, 2010
by Krissah Thompson

Arizona Tourism Fears Boycotts, Wall St. Journal, May 20, 2010
by Sarah Nassauer

A Nation Divided, MSNBC, May 26, 2010
Reviews poll numbers and mentions support for granting children of immigrants citizenship

Wrecking Arizona for a Law That Doesn't Solve the Problem, dailyKos, May 10, 2010
by Markos Moulitsas

Why Americans Think (Wrongly) That Illegal Immigrants Hurt the Economy, Newsweek, May 14, 2010
by Arian Campo-Flores
Interesting piece with highlights on family economic security

Immigration Raid Rips Families , Washington Post, March 18, 2007
by Robin Shulman
Shedding light on the problem of family separation

Public Support for AZ immigration law traced to fear-based advertising, Latina Lista, May 26, 2010
by Marisa Treviño
How public opinion can be swayed with fear as a motivator

Churches profess empathy for illegals, The Columbus Dispatch, May 14, 2010
by Meredith Heagney
Churches express concern over parent-child separation and other human rights abuses in the name of immigration law enforcement.

But Wait, California Has An SB 1070 Too This American Muslim, May 27, 2010
by Affad Shaikh
Immigration law in a neighboring state

AZ Students Protest in John McCain's Senate Office, Latina magazine, May 19, 2010
by Mariela Rosario
Undocumented college students standing together at Sen. McCain's office

Thoughts Post the Conviction of Jeffrey Convoy, Marcelo Lucero's Killer, VivirLatino, April 20, 2010
by Maegan La Mamita Mala
A Latina blogger's thoughts on the conviction of a man who murdered an Ecuadorean immigrant because he suspected he was Mexican.

Memo to President Obama on a Recipe for a Down Payment on Immigration Reform in 2010, William C. Velasquez Institute (WCVI) & National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC), May 25, 2010
by Antonio Gonzalez & Oscar Chacon

Faith Groups Press for a balanced approach to immigration, Christian Science Monitor, February 2, 2006
by Jane Lampman

Report: Immigration Laws Put 5 Million Children A Risk of Family Separation, TruthOut, May 3, 2010
by Michelle Chen

Video: Conviction, Deportation, Family Separation Images, Contexts, May 9, 2010

Hundreds Protest at DC Immigration Office, Christian Post May 17, 2010
by Ethan Cole

Children and the Immigration Debate: A Sneak Peek at "From North to South," La Bloga, May 26, 2010
Reviewing a children's book on family separation due to immigration enforcement practices, from the interesting perspective of an elementary school teacher

Why comprehensive immigration reform, APA For Progress, May 25, 2010
A view from the blog of Asian Pacific Americans for Progress

Immigration reform: Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, May 25, 2010

Dangerous Ideas, Psychology Today, May 13, 2010
Psychology professionals weigh in on immigration reform

Immigration and Family Unification, Asian Journal, September 1, 2009

A Moral Stand Against A Broken and Unjust Immigration System, Seattle Times, May 25, 2010
by Larry Gossett, Josefina Beecher, Pramila Jayapal

A Fatal Ending for a Family Forced Apart by Immigration Law, New York Times, February 11, 2010
by Nina Bernstein
A moving personal story about immigration law and one family's terrible loss

First Lady Michelle Obama Questioned by Second Grader Worried About Her Mom's Immigration Status, America's Voice, May 19, 2010
by Frank Sharry
The video that's gotten countless views from blogs all over.

Family Reunification, LatinoUSA, May 14, 2010
Audio, video and slideshows on the issues facing families who immigrate.

Women March for Immigrant Rights, United Methodist News Service, May 3, 2010
by Linda Bloom
Photos accompany the article showing women holding signs that say, "Because We Believe, We Act For Immigrant Rights"

Arizona's Immigration Law - A Mother's Worst Nightmare, Activistas, May 28, 2010
by Kristin Teigen

Immigration Law's Impact on Kids: Broken Families and America's Soul, Huffington Post, May 5, 2010
by Michelle Chen

Working to Keep Immigrant Families Together, Women's Refugee Commission
by Amalia Guzman Molina

Arizona Law An Attack on All Women,
by Linda Meric

Are children of immigrants becoming needless statistics in the child welfare system? From Breakthrough's Restore Fairness blog
by Emily Butera

Why Is the Arizona Immigration Law a 'Women's Issue?', RHRealityCheck blog, May 14, 2010
by Amie Newman

Women's Groups Fighting Arizona's Immigration Law, RHRealityCheck blog, May 20, 2010
by Amie Newman

"Dropping Babies:" Senator Pearce Targets Immigrant Mothers, RHRealityCheck blog, May 28, 2010
by Amie Newman

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