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And since when did "CARE" become a derogatory term? A couple of years ago one of my children was diagnosed with a disorder. She was so barely on the needle of having this disease, that they ran the blood work three separate times (bloodwork that cost over $7,000 mind you). Sure enough, she's at the very outer edge of having it. In fact, we were told that were we to test her tomorrow, it's a 50/50 shot as to whether she'd be positive. But that diagnosis now lives on her file. For life.

We are self-employed. There's no large corporate health pool to hide under. We are on our own. When I shopped for health insurance a year ago, even the insurance clerk who was derisive about the Affordable Care Act had to acknowledge that without it, my daughter would be uninsurable. As it stands now, she has til she's 26 under our policy. After that who knows. And if the legislation is removed? I can't bear to think about it. But I must.

I've lived in two countries with Universal Health Coverage and I've happily paid my relevant taxes. I've also had largely stellar care. Are there problems? Of course there are. But not being able to secure any kind of coverage for my child was not one of them.

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