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Childcare-Themed Halloween Coloring Sheet
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October: a time for leaves changing, windy weather, and of course - Halloween! A great time of year for kids and their families alike to enjoy fun costumes, sweet treats, and the general spookiness of autumn. Something scarier than this upcoming holiday may be the state of child care in this country. Pre-pandemic, more than half of families lived in childcare deserts. Without safe, nurturing affordable options to begin with, nearly half a million families are estimated to be stranded without reliable child care.

Make sure you wave that witch’s wand and work your magic by taking action with us to bring universal high-quality child care to families across the country!


  1. Work on this interactive childcare-focused coloring sheet with your family: Have a scary-good time playing this coloring game with your family (and maybe eat some tasty treats while you’re doing it) or play the colored version of this sheet Chutes and Ladders style! Along the way, learn new things about child care and use the QR code on the corner of the sheet to take action on child care (refer to #2 for more information). Once you complete your coloring sheet, please send over a picture of it, your and the child’s names, and your Twitter handle if applicable to by October 31, 2022 to potentially be featured on our social media!

    Click here to download this fun black-and-white version of this childcare coloring sheet! 

    Click here to download this colored version of this childcare coloring sheet to play a game! 

    Click here to download this fun Halloween coloring sheet!  

    Click here to download this fun Halloween coloring sheet! 

  2. Sign our petition asking for investments in child care: Congress keeps ghosting us child care solutions - tell them enough with the tricks! Take action with us to tell them their work is not done and they need to take action now to fix our nation’s childcare crisis.

  3. Share your child care story with us: we want to hear from you on your child care experience in order to show our leaders that high-quality, affordable child care is a priority!

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