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The shutdown of the federal government is disastrous for millions of women, families, and households across America.  A few examples:

As if this weren't bad enough, keep in mind that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) cannot now do its job of ensuring we have clean air and water.  Federal inspectors of meat and produce cannot do their jobs, and a salmonella outbreak from infected chicken in California cannot be effectively responded to by the Center or Disease Control or the Department of Agriculture because of the furlough.  Hundreds of people have gotten sick and nearly  half of them hospitalized because of the food borne illness.

Closing down the federal government is costing us a fortune, and we will be paying for it for years to come.  The men in the US Congress (and it is, by a vast majority, men) who are playing chicken with the lives and health of American women and children are behaving egregiously and causing unconscionable suffering.  They do not deserve the offices they hold.

If  you would like to stop the shutdown and send your elected legislators back to work, join the #JustVote campaign - find out more here, from the National Women's Law Center.

Sign me #disgusted,

Your (Wo)Man in Washington



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