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Hello! My name is Dana Glazer and I’m making a feature documentary film, titled The Evolution of Dad, which explores in a deep way the role of fatherhood – how it has evolved up to now, where it is presently and how it continues to change. The film promises to be entertaining, insightful and profound.

But why is a project devoted to fatherhood presented on a site that’s primary focus is on the rights of moms? The answer is simply that the only way to further ideas like work/family balance and gender equity, is to have dads be included in the conversation.

With the exception of divorced dads and stay-at-home dads, most fathers don’t immediately see how what’s going on in our culture immediately impacts them and their families. It’s invisible to them. They have been taught to believe that being a good dad solely revolves around making a good living. This is what our culture teaches. Most fathers can’t see how the frustration of their wives at their absence around the house and with the kids has anything to do with them, because they are doing what they were trained to do – as their fathers did before them. For many dads, there’s a sadness and sense of loss about not being more involved with their families, but they have been conditioned to believe that this is just how it is.

This is where our film comes in: to entertain, to challenge assumptions and to profoundly impact. Our approach is not just to reach out to dads who get what’s going on, but to connect to those millions of fathers who think none of this has anything to do with them. Only by making these dads more aware can change really have a fighting chance.

So, whether you are a dad or a mom or just someone who is passionate about making the world a better place, I welcome your thoughts, your feedback and anything else you’d like to share. Thank you for your time.

Dana H. Glazer is the director of The Evolution of Dad Documentary Project as well as a father of two young sons. For more information, please visit

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