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Mother's Day 2014

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My mother taught me how to sew. From darning my dad's socks in grade school to hemming skirts in high school to sewing curtains for a first home to creating new masterpieces from fabric that was worn and torn and needed to be re-imagined and re-designed. 

Life's curves and challenges pull and wear at the threads of our cloth. We need to keep moving and pull it together the best we can. Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother's Day.  

In the challenges that my life has brought, I have been blessed to meet many others along the way that have woven their way into my world. What their mom has taught them, also impacts the fabric of my life. My life has become a bit of a patchwork quilt - in all its beauty!

Here are what just a few of them said to the question: "What has your mom taught you?"

Christian John Lillis. who in his mom's memory created the Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation which works to educate the public about the infection C.Dif: "Everything but most of all the importance of family, friends and community."

Cathy Mozino Miesen, who with her mom and close family and friends will mark the 25th anniversary of the disappearance of her sister, Dawn, this month: I'll never have the patience she has... No matter how many times she says "patience, Catherine." And that's ok. I learned that's ok from her too. 

Anna Marie Scaperotto-Cannariato, who has weathered a few recent life changes of her own: "Never change who you are for any man no matter what" At the time she said that to me I had no idea what she meant by that comment...long story but nonetheless that's one word of very serious wisdom that stuck with me forever"

Beth Nicewonger Pannell, who is a writing instructor and author of "My mom was a school librarian until she retired a few years ago. I learned the value of reading (and the value of libraries) from her. This lead to my love of writing. You would not believe how many students in my MFA creative writing program also had moms who were librarians."

Colleen Kennedy, who owns her own company that continues to grow by leaps and bounds (and is often found on local TV spots), "One thing I learned from my mom is to not be afraid to talk to people. My mother has met countless people in the grocery store, on a walk or at a mall who have incredible stories to tell and often needed someone to listen. As a result friendships have been forged and much good has been done for both her and me."

 Cindy Dudas, who weathered the storm of the century Sandy and reached out to area bloggers and others to help many of her neighors recover said: " I learned how to be adventurous in the kitchen. My mom would always try new things. I'm very grateful for that!"  Read more of her work at Http://

So, what did you learn from your mom?

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