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What do you get when you turn WOW upside down?  MOM!

And here's another wow:  MomsRising is now over a million moms strong, and we're thinking big this year about how to harness all this power and activism -- but we need your help!  Tell us here what you imagine 1 million moms can accomplish together!  It can be funny, political, heart-warming--whatever you think of!  Share your vision with us for what a million moms can do by scrolling down and leaving a comment below.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1 million moms could make ten million PB&J sandwiches in less than 20 minutes.

1 million moms could storm the halls of Congress to demand paid family leave.

1 million moms could tell Congress we deserve fair pay--and give them a time-out until they address the issue.

1 million moms could flood our airwaves and newspapers with demands for kids' health care.

1 million moms could boycott corporations sending bad media messages that are saturating our kids.

How can we million moms change the world?  Share your ideas about how to make America better for moms, kids, and families. This is an unprecedented opportunity for us to be heard!

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