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By now you've probably heard the news. In April 2014, in an effort to cut costs, an emergency manager appointed by Governor Snyder switched the Flint water supply from the Detroit water system to the Flint River. City workers then failed to take appropriate measure to ensure lead didn't leach from pipes into the water supply.

The water turned brown, young children broke out in rashes, and the hair of some residents began falling out. Yet denied there was a problem, failed to adequately test the water quality, insisting that it met federal standards and was safe to drink. Can you imagine?

Even as residents started organizing and the Flint City Council voted to reconnect to the safer water supply in Detroit, and researchers found the water supply contained over 900 times the recommended amount of lead, officials insisted that the water was safe to drink.

Today on #WellnessWed, we had on-the-ground activist Jessica Heksem & UM Professor of Environmental Health Sciences &Nutritional Sciences Dr. Dana Dolinoy to discuss the Flint Water Crisis. Here's a recap of the chat...


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