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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Book with a pink border and the title "Keep Marching: How Every Woman Can Take Action and Change Our World," by author Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner.]

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Welcome to our new #KeepMarching blog series! The new book, Keep Marching: How Every Woman Can Change Our World, has been out for a few weeks, and this blog series is part of what we’re doing to keep it moving out in the world in order to help build an even stronger movement for change. 

This blog series will review each chapter in the book, offering useful facts, top issues and solutions, stories, and info for you, as well as sample tweets. All proceeds from this book go to MomsRising — and it was written by our Executive Director so it includes the top tips and tactics that MomsRising has used to bring people together and win at the city, county, state, and federal levels. It also includes the top issues we hear from women and moms across the nation, stories from real people, how-to segments, and so much more.

It's our greatest hope that you— and other people across the nation — pick up the book, get inspired by the stories and information, use the tactics that work for you, write in new ideas; and then pass it on, like a baton, to other people to help build an even stronger movement -- and we could really use your help to make that happen. We’d love your help building this movement and spreading the word! Please consider tweeting or re-tweeting any of the below top tweets from Chapter Zero (the introduction to the book). (And, of course, please also consider purchasing this book and passing it on to people you know to help build our movement. Links to purchase are here:

So what’s in the book? It's an organizing manual, a recipe for change, and a highly researched examination of the barriers that hold women back-and how to overcome them.  It includes thought-provoking stories, a proactive agenda for change, and inspiration for how people can create change in their everyday lives and in the country as a whole. 

*Here are some of the top facts from this first chapter, #KeepMarching’s introduction, in tweetable form, to give you an overview:

  • Women are a fierce & rising force in our nation & our economy. We're half the full-time labor force; we make the vast majority of consumer purchasing decisions in our consumer-fueled economy. #KeepMarching
  • Women push $11 trillion of value into world economy via our unpaid work. We own 11.3 million US businesses, which employ over 9 million people & generate over $1.6 trillion in revenue.We earn majority of college & graduate degrees. 
  • Women power our country’s businesses, families, nonprofits, schools, churches, communities, and city, county, state and federal governments. Yet we still aren't paid fairly or have equal representation. #KeepMarching!
  • Women are rising as breadwinners, voters, and leaders, all while juggling an unprecedented number of roles at the same time. But we STILL don't get equal pay for equal work. #RiseUp with us: #KeepMarching 
  • Women are a powerful force. It’s time to use our power to advance gender, racial, and economic justice for everyone. Our nation is in crisis on all these fronts.That’s why we're committed to building an even stronger movement & to #KeepMarching together!


*Over the coming weeks, we're publishing a series of blogposts that will highlight the top issues, facts, stories, practical tips and tools from each chapter in the Keep Marching book-- tips that will help you organize people in your own community to take democratic action and move our nation forward! 

Whether you're reading along and just getting started with learning about political processes, or you're a seasoned community leader, we're with you every step of the way! As Cecile Richards said, "This is the perfect primer for women everywhere who want to take action, whether they're heading to their first town hall meeting or running for office." 

What can you do right now to help build this movement? Spread the word! Here are tweets you can retweet, or copy and paste into your favorite social platform:



See you next week with tips from Chapter 1!

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