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That’s what we’re talking about!  Last night MomsRising members cheered and jeered while watching the presidential debate and finally – finally – put a serious dent in our presidential debate BINGO cards.  Healthcare, childcare, fair pay, flexible work, clean air, and family economic security were all discussed, and we were able to check the box on several of our “bonus” words too, including immigration.

SEATTLE, WA- MomsRising members and kids gather at a restaurant for pizza, BINGO and debate watching.

*Let's keep it up!  Can you lend a hand to turbo-charge our MomsVote effort?

While the pundits hash out who won last night, we at MomsRising are applauding the fact that women and family economic security policies finally broke through onto the high stakes presidential debate stage.  It took a MOMumental effort: Thanks to tens of thousands of MomsRising members using our outside voices, publishing blogs, sending letters, and even voting via Google Moderator to have issues like fair pay, child care, paid leave and paid sick days rise to the top; many of our top priorities finally made it to the national stage.

We used our outside voices and it worked! This morning, our country is finally talking about the issue of fair pay for women and other critical family economic security policies.

*But now is not the time to rest on our laurels. We’ve got a lot of work to do these last few weeks before the election. Help us keep up the MOMentum and  turbo charge our MomsVote campaign with a donation of $20.12?

With your support, we're registering new voters, helping current voters make sure their registration is accurate, educating people about the issues before us, and engaging our over million-mom membership to remind everyone to vote!

This is a major undertaking, but we're committed to making sure that everyone can and will exercise their hard-won right to vote.

We’ve got to keep up the MOMentum and work to make sure that people turn out to vote and hold elected officials accountable.  The votes of moms will be critical to the outcome of the elections!  

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The work we are doing together is important. And it’s effective: A recently published study of 61 million Facebook users documented that just one GOTV Facebook message resulted in driving an estimated 340,000 voters to the polls. Just imagine what we can do together.

But it’s not cheap.  At MomsRising we are a bootstrap, low overhead, mom-run organization. We don’t spend money on, ahem, "binders"…we spend our resources directly on programs to improve family economic security and to end discrimination against women and moms.

We cannot rest.  The election is less than 30 days away and so much is at stake for our families! 

*Can you lend a hand to turbo-charge our MomsRising MomsVote efforts with a donation today?

Together, moms are powerful!

Thanks for all you do for America’s families!

PS: Take a moment to sign our “thank you” note to Candy Crowley for her excellent work as a debate moderator. We can’t believe that it had been over 20 years since a woman had moderated a presidential debate (women have moderated VP debates more recently), so we want to be sure to thank her for being a groundbreaker for other women:

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