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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A graphic image encouraging everyone to take 20 minutes to text out the vote.]
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This is it. Two. Days. We have just two days left to get low frequency mom voters the information they need about where & how they can vote in-person. Getting this information out is essential because there is intense, unprecedented voter suppression happening in our nation; and also voter confusion happening right now due to changing voting options with the pandemic.

Take 20 Minutes to Text Out the Vote!


→ Sign up now to spend 20 minutes (or more) texting out the vote:

Brush off your super powers, sign up to take 20 minutes to help text out the vote, and please pass on this volunteer opportunity to friends and family. (And also, importantly, please be sure that YOU have a voting plan so you get your own ballot in on time).

Things are tough right now. Really tough. So, in the spreading and lifting hope department, we want to share… YOU ARE BUILDING A MASSIVE WAVE OF VOTING! Because of tens of thousands of MomsRising members like you, we’ve already directly reached over 14,000,000 low frequency mom voters via phone, text, social media, direct and hand-written mail, locally, and more -- and we’re seeing a giant increase in early voting.

Now, with voter suppression, intentional voter confusion, and voter intimidation increasing in these final days before the election, WE NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER to get people who haven’t already voted yet out to vote in-person on Voting Day, which is this coming Tuesday, November 3rd. And we really need your help to do that: It turns out that many low frequency last minute voters don’t have the info they need to find their local voting locations -- and that’s where you come in! We have that info for you to share and we’re trying to reach as many moms as possible – especially the ones who are registered but don’t always vote – they often just need a reminder, and a few details about where to go to vote.

WORRIED? Us too. Text out the vote with us? (Thank you in advance!)

→ Don’t forget to sign up now to spend 20 minutes (or more) texting out the vote between now and the end of the day on Voting Day, this Tuesday, November 3rd:

We need you. Our nation needs you. Mom voters across the country need you so they have the information they need to go vote in-person. And we so appreciate your help. Thank you.

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