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The Senate was thisclose to having a deal on a one year extension of unemployment benefits last night...and then it all fell apart. This is unfortunate news for moms like Carolyn and Katie who are searching for jobs and struggling to make ends meet with out unemployment benefits. Here are their stories.

Carolyn's (from Syracuse, NY) story:

I worked for 25 years: 15 years at my previous employer, and 7 years prior to that for one employer and 3 years for another.  Soon after turning 50 I was let go. A few years ago I decided to go to school on-line to finish my bachelor's degree. The way things were looking in the economy, I wanted to enhance my background in case I had to look for work. Now I have school loans to pay back also.  I should be making twice as much with the degree and instead I am not earning anything. To corporations we are metrics not people with stories. 

The way I see it, one day I was a good employee and the next put on the fast track out the door. 

I have not found another job and now at the end of the month, I will be without income to pay my car loan, car insurance, or buy food.  I won't have money to support my two children as a single mother, as I have through employment.   I want to work and not rely on unemployment however I have no other option.  Please extend the benefits.  The emotional toll facing many is devastating.

Katie's (from Stamford, CT) story:

My husband lost his job in May and he was the head of our household.  Due to high daycare costs, I was forced to quit my job and stay home.  Now, we are both without jobs and now, unemployment.  Congress should have to go for weeks with no money.  Let us know how that works out.  Please vote for Middle Class senators in the next round.  I'm over this congress.  They have zero empathy for others that are generally carrying the load for the entire country. 


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