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UPDATE: If you missed filling out your Census form on April 1, you still have time-- and options! (And you're definitely not alone.) Check out this CNET article for three easy ways to complete the form! Taking this easy step, and making sure everyone you know does, too, helps your community get counted. And that means you get the resources you need and deserve from the federal government.
Happy Census Day! Every ten years on April 1, is Everyone counts! Every person, adult or child, citizen or non-citizen, is included. If you’re living in the United States, make sure you fill out the 2020 Census form so that your community gets all the resources it's eligible for from the federal government. 
Why is this important? Listen to this scientist:
“All of the resources that we get for the community and for all of the public programs—Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security—and for infrastructure such as public transportation, parks, schools and hospitals all depends on who we count,” said demographer Maria Perez-Patron, Ph.D., a research assistant professor at the Texas A&M University School of Public Health. “If we are undercounted, then we are underfunded. We are worse off all around. We get fewer resources, less money for our communities, less money for our services and we get fewer representatives in Congress.”
Check out these fun videos in English and Spanish and share them with a friend!






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