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Once again, the Trump administration is attacking the health and economic security of America’s families.  The Trump administration just announced a move to offer health care providers a license to discriminate by allowing them to deny patients the care they need if the provider -- a doctor, nurse, hospital or other entity -- has a religious or moral objection to the procedure. This rule disproportionately harms women and transgender people and will allow providers to impose their privately-held religious beliefs on their patients, regardless of the patient’s health care needs.
Reasonable accommodations to protect the religious freedom of health care providers are already in place. The new draft rule is gratuitous and terribly dangerous; it gives doctors, nurses, hospitals and others permission to discriminate and to deny people essential, even life-saving, care. This action will cause real harm to transgender patients, women seeking reproductive health care, and those in other vulnerable communities.
The moms of America vehemently oppose discrimination in health care and we will fight this new action. The Trump administration has declared war on our health care with a series of shameful actions designed to sabotage the Affordable Care Act and deny coverage to hardworking families and individuals. This is another part of the administration’s attack on our families’ access to health care. It is truly a disgrace.

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