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The announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that the Trump administration will prosecute all asylum-seekers who enter our country and separate all asylum-seeking parents from their children, reflects a breathtaking level of cruelty. Even Sessions concedes that these families are fleeing violence and devastation -- which makes it especially troubling that the administration plans to compound their trauma by tearing them apart at a time when all they have is each other.

This cruel action will not deter terrified parents from trying to bring their children to a place where they have a chance to survive and find a better life. It will only cause immense suffering for vulnerable families – while undermining our nation’s values. This cannot be what we become as a country.

To punish instead of welcome those seeking sanctuary in the United States – to treat them with cruelty and contempt instead of compassion and respect – is inexcusable.

America’s moms are appalled at the prospect of thousands of children being forcibly separated from their parents and tossed into already overwhelmed child welfare and foster care systems. Nobody is better equipped to care for these children than their parents.

America’s mothers will stand side-by-side with asylum-seeking parents in rejecting our government’s efforts to tear families apart. We demand that Congress act immediately to ensure that no asylum-seeking family is separated, and all these families are treated with dignity, compassion and respect.

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