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For the last several weeks, MomsRising has been reaching out to members to share resources and help answer questions about the new, affordable health insurance options available thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

We know folks still have questions, so we kept track of the most asked questions and compiled them here as a resource for everyone in the MomsRising community.

1.    When is the last day someone can enroll for coverage on the exchange?

The last day to enroll for coverage on the exchange is March 31, 2014. If you are not covered by that point, you may be asked to pay a fine (there are possible exemptions). If you do not get covered by March 31st, the next enrollment period will start October 15th and continue through December 7th of 2014.

2.    Can you enroll for coverage if you currently have employer coverage?

Yes, you can buy coverage through the healthcare Marketplace, but if your current health insurance plan is deemed affordable and meets minimum requirements, you may not qualify for financial assistance through the Marketplace. You can find more information here: What if I have job-based insurance?

3.    Will coverage change for those currently on Medicaid? 

No, if you are on Medicaid or Medicare, your coverage will not change.

4.    Can you change to coverage on the exchange if you currently have Cobra coverage?

If you’re currently insured through COBRA (employer coverage you buy at full-price after your employment) you can still use the Marketplace to explore your health coverage options. Also, note you can only get financial assistance for premiums by buying through the Marketplace. Get more information about your options if currently covered by COBRA here: What if I currently have COBRA coverage?

5.    My employer health insurance does not include dependent coverage—will I be able to find insurance for my child on the exchange?

Yes, if your child is not currently covered under your employers plan, you will be able to shop for dependent coverage on the Marketplace.

6.    Will the new options cover pregnancy?

Yes, all plans must cover maternity and newborn care because they are part of the essential health benefits! You can out more about this and the other essential benefits by visiting this page: How does the Affordable Care Act help people like me?

7.    If I live in one state and my employer, who does not offer health coverage, is based in a different state, do I buy coverage in my home state or in my employer’s state?

If you do not have health insurance coverage with your current employer and the employer is based in a different state than the one you live, you would shop for coverage where you live and file taxes.

8.    Will there be dental options available on the exchange?

The availability is different for children (under the age of 18) and adults. Dental coverage for children is considered an essential health benefit, which means it will be part of your health plan or available as a free-standing plan.

There may be subsidies available for adults, but insurers are not required to offer adult dental coverage. However, you will be able to shop for plans that include dental coverage or consider a free-standing plan. In the event you choose not to buy dental coverage, you will not be charged any extra fees for not having dental. Learn more here: Can I get dental coverage in the Marketplace?


Do you have a question that isn’t covered here? Visit for more information or email with your question.

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