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Your voice brought about a new era in which Congress and our country increasingly recognize that women's problems are America's problems, and women's successes are America's success.

2021 was a year of hardships, joys, sorrows, hopes, fears, challenges, wins and all that’s in between. Before we get too far into 2022, we wanted to express our profound gratitude for all the amazing ways you rose up to lift our country in 2021.

Your action, your engagement, and your voice brought about a new era in which Congress and our country increasingly recognize that women's, mom’s, and caregiver’s problems are America's problems, and our successes are America's success – and that our families, businesses, economy and country absolutely need a care infrastructure to thrive.

After all, just like we need to build bridges and roads to drive on to go to work, we need to build a care infrastructure — including childcare for all, paid family/medical leave, home-and community-based services for people who are aging and the elderly, an extended Child Tax Credit, living wages and a path to citizenship for care workers — so parents can work, children can thrive, care workers can earn living wages, family costs can be lowered, inflation be addressed, and businesses and our economy supported.

And, together, we’re making progress!! Because of your voice, more and more leaders with the power to make changes our nation needs are moving forward public policy changes in order to finally build a national care infrastructure (as most industrialized countries have already done), as well as to address the fact that our country will never realize its full potential if women and, in particular, moms and women of color continue to be devalued, underpaid and left behind.

Together, we were a jaw-droppingly powerful force in 2021. Sometimes it can be hard to see how each of our actions, petition signatures, calls to Congress, stories shared, and more add up to power change. So we want to share the 2021 year-end BIG stats with you in order to celebrate and uplift the power of us together:

  • YOU LIFTED MORE THAN 40% OF CHILDREN OUT OF POVERTY in 2021 with the Child Tax Credit expansion and also helped get the first (temporary) national paid family/medical leave program passed (!) – wins that we’re fighting hard to continue into 2022 and beyond via the passage of the Build Back Better Act in the Senate. 

  • YOU WERE HEARD by leaders with the power to make the changes we and our economy need on-the-ground, online, and all over the nation with 1,463,920 total actions that helped pass the American Rescue Plan, as well as the Build Back Better Act through the House! 

  • YOU CHANGED THE NATIONAL NARRATIVE by generating over 2,667 moments of media coverage, sharing your experiences to let other people know they aren’t alone and to add power to calls for change more than 10,313 times, and also by submitting over 4,454 letters to the editor across the nation. 

  • YOU MADE MORE THAN 1,010,120 CONSTITUENT CONTACTS by you to elected leaders in Congress from every single state, urging them to finally build a care infrastructure, including: Free Pre-K, paid family/medical leave, childcare, healthcare, home-and community-based services, maternal health and justice policies, an extension of the expanded Child Tax Credit, living wages for care workers and a path to citizenship, and more. 

  • YOU ENGAGED, LOCALLY ON-THE-GROUND ACROSS THE COUNTRY & IN DC to build a powerful wave of change as you met with elected leaders, held local events to garner media coverage, attended town halls, shared your stories, and delivered materials and stories to the majority of local Congressional offices. You also played a major role in DC events, testimony, and more. 

  • YOU MADE OVER 60,000 PHONE CALLS to elected leads, urging action and winning change for moms and families. 

  • YOUR PRIORITIES WERE SEEN more than 55,091,872 times with ads flown by airplanes over key football games, ads online, rolling billboards outside West Virginia grocery stores, sharing our stories on TV and radio, and so much more! 

  • YOU HAND-WROTE OVER 150,000 POSTCARDS to US Senators urging them to support the Build Back Better Act! 

  • YOU CONTINUED TO HELP MOMS VOTE including in the Georgia special election for two U.S. Senate seats in January where you sent over 303,800 hand-written postcards with information about where to vote.


Together, we are MomsRising. We'll never stop fighting to build a nation where every mom, child, and family can thrive – and we so appreciate everything you’ve done, and are doing, to build a powerful wave of change.

***If you are able, help us stay strong with a contribution to fuel even more MOMentum in 2022!***


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