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Image description: Oval "I Voted" sticker with hashtags #momsvote, #latinasvotan. Text VOTE to 747464.

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"People need to vote because people haven't always been able to vote! I'm glad I didn't live back then because first women couldn't vote and Black people couldn't vote and I'm a girl AND I'm Black!"- Elena, age 6.


  "It's important to vote so we get what we want!"- JoJo, age 5   "Mama says, 'Vote!'"- Dax, age 2 


Election Day is TODAY and it's time to get out there and vote!  Bring your kids with you to the polls! Make voting a party celebrating democracy by bringing pre-packed snacks and water, a fully charged cell phone, and warm, festive clothing with you in case you have to wait in lines.

We have 5 little things to help you vote today:

1- Find out where you need to go to vote before leaving your doorstep!  Are you running out the door to vote, but not exactly sure where to go since you're moving so fast?  We have your back! Find out via text message: Get your polling location texted directly to your cell phone (Where you need it most!) by texting the message “Vote” to the number 747464, which spells RISING.  Or use a handy Google tool by clicking here.

2- Get your voting questions answered by a real, live expert! Report problems! Do you have questions about your ability to vote today? Did you see anything that looked like voter suppression or voter intimidation?   Are you having any problems whatsoever at your polling site? Don't hesitate to call our partners at 1-866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) to speak with an Election Protection expert if you’re having any problems at the polls. And for Spanish speakers, you can call: 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA.

3- Learn more about what's on your ballot before you vote! Doing a little research on those tricky ballot measures, and on little-known state and local races, never hurts. So if you want to peek at your ballot in advance of the voting booth, just plug in your address to this website:

4- Take kids voting! If you can, show your kids (or your grandkids, or your neighbor's kids) the importance of participating in our democracy so they're inspired to be life-long voters. Take children inside the voting booth with you (if your state and schedule allow). Show them what they have to look forward to when it's their turn to vote.  *Then don't forget to share your experiences of voting today with, or without, kids here.   

5- Inspire your Facebook friends to vote! Studies show that sharing on Facebook has a big impact on encouraging people to vote. Click on this link, then hit "SHARE," which is just above the "Comment" area to share this image with your friends on Facebook too.  

And most importantly, have a great Election Day! We'll be online sharing more resources and eagerly watching the results all day and night today. Join the conversation with us on Twitter with the hashtag #risers, and on the Facebook page.  

Last, but not least, feel free to forward this email to friends and family who might also find this information useful!

Happy voting!  Thanks for everything you do!

-- Kristin, Ashley, Donna, Joan, Xochitl, Anita, Beth, Christina, Nate, Ruby, Nina, Gloria, Ruth, Sli, Sara, Tina, Monifa, Karen, Felicia, Nadia, Khadija, Diarra, Beatriz, Migdalia, Donna HC, Keisha, Sarah, Lauren, Maggie, Casey, Camie, Jen, Susan, Patrisse and Abbie 


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