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I have spent 20 years working for social change, and I have come to realize that we need to find new ways to reach people, let them know what's at stake, and inspire them to action.

Just look at our budget debate. Even though progressives may win on taxes, the conversation is still dominated by out-of-touch deficit hawks who have no idea what’s actually happening in our neighborhoods and schools. Right now, Washington is in a frenzy, willing to toss Medicare and Social Security overboard to avoid asking those who do well inAmerica to do well by America.

Does anyone think our communities will survive in the long run if this continues?

Today, courageous artists and musicians have come together to change the conversation. Rebuild the Dream, CultureStrike, and 5D Stories are joining forces with progressive allies like MomsRising for "ARTSTRIKE: We're Not Broke, We're Being Robbed," a day of action to promote and share songs and designs that stir our souls.

I'm including just a few of these powerful pieces below. The rest can be found at I hope you'll share one that moves you -- emailing it to friends, posting it on Facebook, or putting a poster up in your window. I truly believe works like this can begin to shift the debate, if enough people see them:

"This Time" by Mike Molina

Don’t Punish Our Future. Make The Rich Pay., by Ernesto Yerena

Keep Calm & Tax the Rich, by Gan Golan

¡Ya Basta!, by Julio Salgado

Make Deadbeat Corporations Pay. Stop Robbing Our Communities. by Melanie Cervantes

I'm grateful to the artists who have contributed extraordinary work to this effort -- it's touching, and inspiring.  Some pieces show the choice we face as a nation. Others confront us with what's really happening. Every one is impactful in its own way.

These powerful works deserve to, and will be seen by millions of people—if you can help.

Take a look for yourself. And then post your favorites on Facebook and Twitter. Print your favorite and tape it to the window at home or in the office. Together, we can put these works of art in front of millions of people, more than some major newspapers will reach today.

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