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Four-year-olds don't mess around – when they have questions, they want answers.

During the last Presidential election, my son was a baby. This time around, he’s four and giving me the third degree about the election: What is an election?  How do you vote? Where do the ballots go?  Why do people want to be elected?

His most thought-provoking query yet, "Why do you vote?"

What a great question!  Those of us who vote do so for many different, valuable reasons. And sharing why we vote might inspire someone else to join us too.

Click here to tell us why you are voting this November!

We'll share your answers with our other MomsRising members as inspiration and motivation for us all to make time in our busy lives for voting on, or before, Tuesday, November 6th.

Here are some answers to the "Why are you voting?" question that we've received already from our MomsRising members:

* Gloria from Virginia - "I vote because it's my right and duty to participate in our democracy. I vote to help ensure a bright future for my children."

* Brenda from Ohio - "Because of the Affordable Care Act, I no longer worry that my granddaughter will be denied insurance due to her pre-existing conditions.   My family’s health and economic security is why I have already voted (early!) in this election."

* Marianne from Maryland -  “What’s at stake during these elections is more than just politics—it’s our children’s health.  My oldest daughter has asthma and I’m very concerned about making sure our elected officials do whatever they can to make sure our air is clean.”

Why are YOU voting?  Click here to share your thoughts now:

We'll share your quote for inspiration for other moms, grandmothers, and others to vote this November 6th.

Your vote packs a powerful political punch.  Pundits and politicians believe that women will likely decide this election since women are the majority of the electorate nationwide, and are also the majority of undecided voters at this stage are women.

Voter turnout is expected to be high with friends, family, and neighbors voting.  Help inspire people to make a plan to vote by sharing why you're voting on November 6th!

Together, we're a powerful force!

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