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When I need to buy something, be that my bed sheets or a new phone, I comb through online customer reviews to help me determine what I want to buy. So why not do the same with health coverage?

The second health coverage enrollment period is starting on November 15th! That is less than one month away. While this may not be as fancy as Yelp, here are some experiences from people insured on the marketplace, most from our own MomsRising community, to give new health coverage consumers a small snapshot of the value they may be able to expect on the health insurance marketplace:  

“In June 2013, after only 6 months of employment, my full-time non-profit job was reduced to part-time due to state funding cuts. As a result, I lost my benefits. In order to continue my health insurance I went on COBRA, which cost over $600/month. This was more than half my monthly net pay. Fortunately, the ACA came along just at the right time. I was able to get a plan that now costs me about $92/month with credits that I qualified for due to my current low income. I had to pay a $250 deductible, but my co-pays are lower than on COBRA. While, I had to change my primary care doctor, and providers are somewhat difficult to find, the enormous savings makes it worthwhile. I have health insurance and can also pay my rent, food, utilities, etc. The ACA has been a virtual life-saver.” ~ Jon, New York                                                                                  

“Being out of work at the end of last year, I was paying for my own insurance. Signing up for a plan through the ACA is saving me $400/month in premiums, and I have a better plan. This year I've been mostly out of work, and my reduced healthcare costs have been a lifesaver. Any politician or commentator who says ACA doesn't work is either ignorant or lying. And if they think $400/month is no big deal, they can send it to me.” Paul, Pennsylvania

“The ACA saved me almost $500 a month over my previous insurance!” ~ Kent, New York

Bottom line, because of subsidies, I now pay a reasonable amount of money for health insurance. I am also free to change policies because my pre-existing conditions do not prevent me from getting new coverage. I also know that I have good coverage and not a false sense of security that will leave me high and dry should I have a catastrophic medical event. I realize that for those who make more money, the cost of coverage is extreme.” ~ Sara, California

I was canvassing in a neighborhood a few month ago and was talking with this woman who said that her son would have died without the Affordable Care Act. He needed a kidney transplant and had a "pre-existing" condition and could not get insurance. He was also over 18 and could not be on his parents insurance, but because of the changes with the Affordable Care Act, he was able to receive the treatment he needed.” ~ Kathy, Colorado

“We used to pay over $1,000/month for health care, and now, after going through Cover Oregon (our state's exchange via ACA) we have a much more affordable health care plan, under $1,000/month for our lower middle-class family, AND we were able to keep all our same doctors! It's great to have a law that benefits working families and not corporations or billionaires.” ~ Beth, Oregon

Have an experience accessing health coverage on the marketplace that would be useful to folks who will be shopping this next enrollment period? Tell us about it here:


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