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Image of an empty road; in the sky is the message in support of Net Neutrality.

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An open internet is essential to protecting freedoms we hold dear: Our ability to innovate, speak our mind, connect, and hear diverse voices and opinions.

All of these freedoms are now at risk.

On December 14 The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to roll back 2015 rules that require internet service providers (ISPs) treat all content the same. BOO.

MomsRising: there is hope. Congress can act to reverse the FCC's decision. Indeed, Net Neutrality has long enjoyed bipartisan support. 

Please add your name calling on Congress to protect Net Neutrality!

Tens of thousands of MomsRising members - and millions of Americans - contacted the FCC to express our support for Net Neutrality. We will not let this rollback happen without a fight.

Right now, Congress has the power to use the Congressional Review Act to pass a "resolution of disapproval" reversing the FCC's vote. 

Our current Net Neutrality rules were passed in 2015, in a major win for consumers. Since then, some companies and let's be honest, people-who-don't-like-free-speech, have worked tirelessly to undermine the rules. And now FCC Chairman Ajit Pai - a new Trump appointee and former Verizon lawyer - has acted to dismantle the rules as we know them.

Make no mistake: claims that companies will keep things fair are unrealistic. They didn't before we had Net Neutrality, and they won't if this vote stands. The repeal will disable the FCC's ability to actually stop companies from controlling information

Add your voice to call on Congress to protect Net Neutrality!

Net Neutrality ensures a level playing field. It stops ISPs from blocking or suppressing content. It limits them from manipulating the speed at which you receive certain content, or selling premium access to the highest bidder. Net Neutrality ensures that when we raise our voices online, they can be heard - loud and clear.

That's important for so many reasons. Most broadly, WE should decide what content we want to see, not corporations! But Net Neutrality also has specific benefits for small companies and communities of color:

  • Communities of color have often been marginalized in public spaces, like the media. A free and open internet provides an important platform and access. According to Free Press, "The open internet allows people of color and other vulnerable communities to bypass traditional media gatekeepers. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs could block speech and prevent dissident voices from speaking freely online. Without Net Neutrality, people of color would lose a vital platform." 
  • Small businesses depend on fair and free communications to get the word out about their services and products, too. Imagine if a company could sell premium space to the highest bidder? How would we ever find that great mom-owned business, or start-up service in our town? We wouldn't. 

Let's make sure Congress hears the voices of moms, dads and families loud and clear. Please add your voice today!

When you do, you'll be standing up for:

  • The community leader, just launching her own blog 
  • The small business with great products, but a small marketing budget
  • The student eager to find many opinions on an issue
  • The craftsperson hoping to support her family 
  • EVERYONE eager to ensure that information flows freely! 

Thank you for all you do!

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