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I breastfed both of my children, worked and went to school all at the same time. It was challenging but well worth it. The closeness we develop, I am finding was not momentary, it’s for life!

My daughter is now twelve and my son is six. They don’t remember reaching up touching my face as they nursed, or the long loving gazes we exchanged. They don’t recall how my bare breast comforted them when they were fussy. But, even now at twelve if my daughter has had a rough day or my son needs comforted, they come to me and they seek my touch.

I didn’t realize it at first, but they wanted to feel that warmth and closeness that we developed while they were breastfeeding. My son’s calming touch from me, is that he puts his cheek against my cheek. He enjoys hugs and likes to feel my cheek on his. For my daughter,  she will take my opened palm and snuggle the side of her face into it, and close her eyes as if my touching her is still the best feeling on earth.

The warmth they felt and the comforting feeling they received when they were nursing … STILL comforts them today at twelve and six years old! I am so happy that I did not allow working and going to school stop me from nursing my children and developing the life long bond we have. No one can comfort them like their mom.

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