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Excerpt from Your (Wo)man in Washington
We face a dire economic crisis. Many of us are losing jobs, our health insurance, our homes, and watching whatever savings we had disappear. Businesses are closing, and households are under severe stress. The U.S. Congress is crafting a wholly unprecedented plan right now to minimize the devastating effect of our snowballing monetary volatility. Among other goals, drafters of the stimulus plan aspire to stabilize the economy and create jobs. The plan won't stop the recession or reverse its effects. Sadly, it cannot return us, or our bank accounts and credit card balances, to their 2006 status. If the plan is a screaming success, it will merely make a terrible mess not quite as terrible as it otherwise would be. And that's the best case scenario.

If you are a mother, a woman, a parent, a caregiver, a citizen, (or any combination thereof!!), we offer the following to help you make sense of a crisis which threatens us, our families, and our children and grandchildren for decades to come. No matter who you are, you have a stake in the stimulus plan.

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