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The U.S. Senate just passed its horrible tax bill. It raises taxes on working families, takes away the healthcare of 13 million people, and balloons our national debt all in order to give tax cuts to millionaires and mega-corporations

Like the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge, the GOP counted its coins behind closed doors and schemed late into the night to pass this bill. It’s as though Scrooge is running Congress, and America’s children, families, and the health of our economy have all been left out in the cold. 

Enough Scroogery. Tell Congress to vote NO on the current GOP tax plans and go back to the drawing board to draft a new plan that lifts America’s working families, our economy, and the middle class rather than millionaires and mega-corporations. 


The fight is not yet over. Moms, dads and family members will fight this tax plan every step of the way as it goes through the legislative process. MomsRising plans to be on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. early next week to deliver your signatures and stories! So be sure to sign on -- and to pass along the action link for others to sign on too! We want our elected leaders to know that we are watching and expect them to vote NO on this awful tax plan!

What’s going on? Before Thanksgiving, the U.S. House of Representatives passed their version of the bill. It’s just as heartless as the U.S. Senate bill: Their version doesn’t allow deductions of medical expenses, student loans, school supplies paid for by hard-working teachers, or even state and local taxes

Though both the U.S. Senate and House plans increase the deficit, heavily benefit the wealthy and mega-corporations, and would lead to deep cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and other programs, they are quite different. The two plans must be reconciled into a final bill, which both chambers of Congress must vote on again (likely next week!). But given what they’ll be working with, that final bill will still stink too.

Both bills were rushed through Congress, rewritten in the dead of night, and then voted on almost entirely along party lines. We still have a small window of opportunity to let members of Congress know that they can still do right by the American people and our economy by rejecting these bills and voting NO on final bill.

The American people didn’t vote for Scrooge to run Congress. Tell your elected leaders to vote NO on the tax plan and go back to the drawing board to draft a new plan that lifts America’s working families, our economy, and the middle class rather than millionaires and mega-corporations. 

It’s the season of giving. With the year-end holidays approaching, people are coming together to celebrate generosity, giving, hope and love. The Republican-led Congress, however, is doing just the opposite -- cold-heartedly depriving families of healthcare, setting our children up for a lifetime of debt, picking on the poor and working families, and harming our economy while lining the pockets of their wealthy cronies.

Tell Congress to stop the Scroogery and scrap the GOP tax plans now!

After you take action, share this email with your friends and family---we need to make our voices heard!

Together, we will never stop fighting for our children, communities, and the future of our country.


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