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The "Power of ONEsie" campaign is off to a great start—in less than a week, hundreds of MomsRising members have already decorated and sent, or specially purchased online, baby onesies for us to display in Washington State this Thursday in support of paid family leave. Thank you. Let's keep the chain growing!

We're building this ONEsie chain to represent the real moms, dads, kids, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who support building a truly family-friendly America, but can't be at state capitals and other events around the nation in person because they are working, caring for family, or going to school. With your help, we're spreading the word and adding to the ONEsie project. As it grows, it will be displayed to put family issues on center stage from Washington State to Washington D.C. We've only just begun...

GET INVOLVED: We need more ONEsies! About 11,000 babies are born each day in the U.S. Let's get 1,100 ONEsies so each one represents 10 babies who need and deserve quality healthcare, paid family leave, and flexible workplaces that value both this generation and the next generation. To send that message, we will artfully string them together and display them in strategic locations across the nation to remind leaders that families are counting on them. Your own personalized ONEsie can tour the country to show your support for building a truly family-friendly America . We have 2 options for you to do this:

1- SUPER FAST OPTION TO HELP WITH THE WASHINGTON DEADLINE THIS WEEK: You can buy a ONEsie from MomsRising online now with one easy click, and we'll decorate it for you and add it to the "Power of ONEsie" project that we're going to display this Thursday in Olympia, Washington in support of passing paid family leave. We'll still be adding to the display after Thursday for the national tour, so don't be shy about adding your ONEsie in the weeks to come. MomsRising volunteers are working to decorate your ONEsie for you.

*Just click here to buy your custom decorated ONEsie online with 1-click for the project:

2- DECORATE A ONEsie & MAIL IT TO US: Make it personal! Over the next several months we'll be collecting ONEsies to display around the country. Simply get a new or used baby onesie (or a small kids t-shirt) and make it your own by decorating it with fabric paint, markers, or even rhinestones. Joan says, "I had fun doing a couple of ONEsies with my young daughter... and I was moved by what she wrote on hers, 'Love, love, love and more love.' She understands." You can add catchy slogans (see list of slogan ideas below), hold a ONEsie decorating party, and/or have kids help with the project.

*Mail Your Creation by May 1, 2007 to Be Part of a Fabulous Mother's Day Extravaganza: MomsRising, P.O. Box 19596, Seattle, WA 98109. (In case you forget the mailing address and other details, we set up a website for your easy reference:

Please invite your friends to participate in this effort by forwarding this email to them. The more ONEsies, the better! We have big plans for a Mother's Day display in May, as well as a display in New Hampshire to put family issues in the center stage as the Presidential race heats up--so keep telling friends and bloggers about the project because in the next several months we're going to build the biggest ONEsie chain ever!

Together we can make a strong visual statement with a first stop in Washington State this Thursday; and a next stop in New Hampshire to highlight family issues for the first Presidential debate. Let's show that there are real moms, kids, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents behind the call for truly family-friendly policies.

So get crafty, or buy a crafty addition by clicking this link: and help us show the nation that we are a powerful force for mothers, children, and families!

Best - The MomsRising Team

p.s. Please email us at, with the Subject line "Power of ONEsie," and tell us if you are doing this in a group so we can tell the press and keep track.


- MomsRise for Family Leave

- Paint a heart on the onesie and write your child's name in the heart

- Family Leave or Bust!

- Family Leave: It's about time!

- Moms for Moms

- Another Family for Solutions

- My Business Loves Family Leave!

- Breadmakers and Bread winners

- Paint a heart on the onesie and write one of the following issues in the heart (or around the heart): Family Leave; Flexible Work Options; After-School Programs; Healthcare for All; Childcare; Realistic and Fair Wages.

- Another Family Rising!

- DadsRising!

- GrandparentsRising!

p.p.s.s. We have an easy Tell-A-Friend link for you to use to pass the word on to friends and family:

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