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The Coalition on Human Needs just released a special edition of the Human Needs Report focusing on President Trump’s FY19 budget request, including sections on select departmental budgets. Read on via the links below, or click here for a PDF version.

The Trump FY19 Federal Budget Slashes Critical Human Needs Programs 
The Trump administration released its Fiscal Year 2019 budget request on Monday, Feb. 12. From slashing housing assistance to Medicaid to SNAP, President Trump’s FY19 budget would leave millions of Americans without the assistance they need. The White House proposed spending $57 billion less than the new bipartisan budget deal allows for FY19; after 2019, the president’s budget calls for even deeper cuts to domestic and international non-defense programs. On the other hand, the budget for the Pentagon would increase by 13 percent in FY19 compared to FY17. READ MORE »

Select Departmental Budget Requests
CHN has compiled many of the program cuts and policy changes in the Trump administration’s FY19 budget that are most damaging to low-income people from select departmental budgets, including the Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and Agriculture. We have also included proposed cuts and changes to other areas of note. READ MORE »

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