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Hello Everyone,

I know there are many people (some I've met, most I haven't) working behind the scenes with MomsRising helping to get this legislation passed in Pennsylvania. I can't thank you all enough for your interest, help and support. You all probably know my story better than I do, but most importantly, it is not my story but the story of thousands and thousands of women and their children all over PA and this country who are financial prisoners to archaic legislation.

I might not have been blessed with many attributes, but thank the Lord my mother gave me the gift of stubbornness and determination. While not a desirable quality in a precocious toddler, who knew that 50+ years later, I still draw on that stubborn streak to try to make thing right in this state. Not such a bad quality after all.

For a dozen years, supporters have come on board to help and left too. Who can blame them? It is so frustrating to know that this legislation is so RIGHT but the law makers and employers are so WRONG. How difficult is it to keep up the momentum and energy to stick with this? For me, I just look around at the emptiness of the eyes of the mothers I pass in the supermarket. As I watch them carefully plan a week's worth of meals with insufficient food stamps. I remember that because I was there. When I see children with hollow expressions on their faces - I turn around and cry because I know why they look like that. It is the face of despair.

Do the politicians see these faces? No. They only see the dollar signs of campaign contributors (employers) and their own agendas and their own fat pay checks.

What has changed in the 12 years that I have been doing this? The increase in the number of people who are hurting and suffering from this crazy society of ours. Especially our children.

I was thinking of something on the way to work this morning as I passed Walmart. Walmart (and many other employers)don't give their employees health benefits - say the employee can buy their own - but the employer doesn't pay them enough to afford health insurance - then the employees get sick - they can't afford to go to the doctor - their kids get sick - they can't afford to take the time off work to take the kids to the doctor and they can't afford the medical care. What are they supposed to do?

Then I hear jerks (employers) that scream at Cooper Munroe during a radio interview telling her they would NEVER hire a mother again because it interferes with their business and profits!!

I have always felt that it is mothers who are the foundation of our society and our country. After all, we all have one! The sacrifices they make time and time again so their children will survive only to have our government continually suppress their rights - well - that is what keeps me going. It burns me up that in 2006 this still goes on and I won't stop fighting until it stops happening.

I started this e-mail out to give you a brief intro of myself to those of you I haven't met and it seems to have turned into more of an editorial. Well, I guess this is the best way to tell you who I am.

If you are a part of MomsRising then I think it says something about who you are. Someone who has had enough too and is willing to help fight this battle and WIN.

There are no words of thanks that I can write that could ever express how much I appreciate all you have done and are doing.

One thing I can promise you, hang on, because if you stick with this, you are in for the ride of your life.

With great appreciation,

p.s. A special thank you to my new pal Cooper--she keeps me focused! As you get to know her and read her powerful blogs, you can't help but keep charging forward.

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