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MomsRising staff delivering healthcare stories on Capitol Hill

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Our families' healthcare security is at risk!
Representative Price, President-elect Trump's nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, and his allies in Congress want to roll back advances in healthcare coverage and gut current healthcare programs.
This is a national emergency! Your members of Congress need to know that their constituents are very concerned about access to quality, affordable healthcare for their families!
Sign up to drop by your members of Congress’ local state office during our National Week of Action for Healthcare January 9-12th!
Are you able to drop by your members of Congress’ office in your state to deliver our collection of personal healthcare experiences of moms and dads around the country to educate leaders about how programs like the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP are critical to families? We'll send you the book and an email with everything you need to make a powerful impact.
Sharing stories about how the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP have helped families can help your member of Congress understand why these healthcare programs are critical for America’s families. Lawmakers thrive on contact from their constituents to gauge what people in their districts care about, which is why you dropping by in person will make a strong impression. This is a critical time for them to hear from you about quality, affordable health coverage!
Can you help us out by dropping by your members of Congress’ office? Just let us know and we’ll snail mail you our healthcare storybook and email you all of the information you will need.
Drop-bys are a great way for constituents to show their members of Congress that they care deeply about an issue—and when lots of us do it together, it can send a strong message that parents want Congress to protect health coverage for families. 
We don’t want politics to come before our family’s—and our community’s—health. Healthcare is a lifesaver for families. We must ensure families do not lose access to quality and affordable healthcare! Sharing stories about how the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP have helped families can help your member of Congress understand why repealing or weakening these critical healthcare programs is reckless and dangerous for America’s families.
Please sign up to deliver our healthcare storybook to help bring the voices of parents from across the country straight to their office.
Together we are a powerful voice for the health of families!

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