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Share Your Why!
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This November, moms and women like you spoke loud and clear.

You volunteered and helped reach millions of infrequent mom voters. You sent get-out-the-vote postcards and texts. You had voting parties -- and had tables with fun for kids at key polling locations so more moms could vote. You were a part of reaching over 33 million people on social media to remind them to vote, and helped share our wildly popular #CantWait2Vote video. You pushed back against voter suppression, and supported on-the-ground voter turnout in BIG ways. You got together in-person and online, all over the nation. You’re amazing!

As a result, come January, America will have the most female, most diverse Congress in history, nine women governors and gains in several state legislatures.


But our work isn’t done. Democracy and justice are more than just one day, one person, or one election. They’re a slow, steady march — a thousand little actions that add up to change.

Please #KeepMarching. We need you. We need all of us together. And we need our movement to keep growing.

Share a sentence or two about why you voted and what makes you #KeepMarching. We’ll showcase your stories online to inspire other moms during our 24 Hours of MomsRising Giving Tuesday celebration Nov. 27.

Our strength is each other, and the increased voter turnout this election was clear evidence of our collective power. Imagine what we can do when even more moms rise.

By sharing your “why,” you lift other women and moms up, and encourage them to keep marching for healthcare, equal pay, gun safety, racial justice and equality for women and families.

So that someday, we have a nation where ALL moms, dads, children and families can thrive.

Can you fuel this movement with the power of your words right now? We can’t wait to celebrate our MOMentum this Giving Tuesday with your stories.

Tell us — why did you vote and what’s your inspiration to #KeepMarching?

We’re listening. And we’re incredibly grateful for your support.

P.S. Want to support the moms movement right now? Make a donation — anytime between today and Giving Tuesday on Nov. 27 — and another MomsRising donor will instantly match your gift, turning every $1 you give into $2. Thanks!

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