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Politics - like parenthood - is a marathon, not a sprint. Now that the election is over, it's time to turn our attention to the next leg of this race, getting family policies passed. And President-Elect Obama and the new Congress will need our voices and support in order to make this happen.

Sign a huge card from MomsRising to President-Elect Obama that reads: "We look forward to working with you to enact more family-friendly policies":

We will deliver this huge card (let's face it, a little theater and press attention really help make a point) with thousands of your signatures to his staff and display it outside of the White House for ample photo ops. Just imagine, a giant card from us, the White House in the background, tens of thousands of moms signing on. Now that not only makes a picture perfect point, it also shows that there's a movement of committed parents who support these issues.

But that's not all! Obama and his staff have invited the American people to share their stories, hopes and priorities online. Thousands of people have visited the Office of the President-Elect website in the last few days - it's your turn! Just sign the card and hang on - your computer will automatically redirect you to the website comment form. Your comments will reinforce our message that parents care about family-friendly issues.

Forward this email around far and wide so your friends and family can sign the card, and share their thoughts with President-Elect Obama too. And, if you're not already a member of MomsRising, sign on now (it's free) to stay in the loop and take action by working to pass critically important policies for mothers, families, and children. After all, it's our economic security we're talking about. Sign on here:

In the coming months, our leaders will focus their attention on the nation's economic future. No matter what their party, we must help remind them that mothers and families are key to our nation's economic security. A majority of the bankruptcies filed due to the mortgage crisis involve families with children. A full-three quarters of mothers are now in the labor force and many are struggling to cover the rising costs of child care, healthcare, groceries and other necessities. Policies such as fair pay, paid sick days, healthcare coverage, and childcare/early education will support our families and help our economy get back on track.

Don't forget to sign the card and send your comments:

Thank you!
-- The MomsRising Team

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