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“Our class did not get good grades and I think it’s because we didn’t get enough exercise.” ~ Ethan
Last year, while my son, Ethan, was in the third grade at a Wake County school, he got just 15 minutes of recess each day, and PE only once or twice a week. It ended up being the hardest school year of his life. He came home feeling frustrated or angry each and every day.
All students should have the opportunity to get up, move, and exercise throughout the day. This not only improves their physical health, but is also good for their mental and emotional health, too.
Quick signature! Tell our public school leaders to include PE in the state’s education accountability plan.
North Carolina is in the process of creating its accountability plan under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA emphasizes a well-rounded education, prioritizing physical and mental health. We need to tell state education leaders that PE should be included in North Carolina’s plan.
Many students in North Carolina do not get the physical education they need. With an ever-growing number of priorities competing for time during the school day, too many of our children have lost what was once a given: access to quality PE.
We can do better and now is our chance! Sign our letter to public school leaders, asking them to ensure children receive a well-rounded education which includes PE:
Active kids learn better because they focus and think better, meaning high test scores across the board. Physical inactivity contributes to health conditions* like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, which are all growing in frequency amongst children in the United States.
Physical education addresses the needs of the whole child. Quality physical education programs provide the activity kids need for a positive impact on their physical, mental, and emotional health. PE programs improve judgment, reduce stress, and increase self-esteem. Making sure all students are getting physical education is a critical part of keeping kids healthy.
Physical education is a critical component of the school day. This is the only way we’ll know that our kids are getting the education and active time that will help them develop healthy habits for life.
Have a story about PE? Email it to
*UPDATE: This link leads to the Let's Move site, which has been removed by the Trump administration. We've found an archived version here: ~Eds. 5/11/2017

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