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BREAKING NEWS: The Michigan Legislature has passed their terrible, horrible, harmful, and unnecessary Medicaid work requirements bill, and it will be heading to Governor Snyder’s desk in the coming days.

This is our last chance to speak out and stop this bill, which would take away the health care of tens of thousands of Michigan families and harm our state’s economy.

***Sign our letter to Governor Snyder NOW and tell him to veto the Medicaid work requirements bill! 

We reached out to you a few months ago when we first got word that this horrible bill was moving through the Michigan State Legislature (see below for details). Because of all your calls and letters, they made significant changes to the bill and more exemptions, but it’s still not enough—this bill still includes restrictive and unnecessary work requirements in order for low-income parents to obtain health care and we still need you to speak out to stop this bill before it becomes law!

This is an urgent matter. Michigan has 2.4 million people on Medicaid, the majority of whom are children and elderly and disabled individuals. In 2013, the Legislature passed an expansion of Medicaid to low-income people called the Healthy Michigan Plan—a positive move that decreased the number of uninsured people in our state. This is the exact population that is now most at risk of losing their health care unless they abide by a strict work requirement. In fact, 675,000 Michiganders on the Healthy Michigan Plan are at risk of losing their health care—this includes parents, caretakers, and low-income people.

This bill would result in lost health care coverage and burdensome red tape for recipients as well as added bureaucracy for Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services. Even though the exemptions have been increased, they would be hard to get and it would be on the recipients to prove they qualify. Taking away health care from people would not help them find a job or keep a job, it would only serve to make them more at risk of serious health issues.

This is our last chance to stop this bill and save the health care of 675,000 Michiganders!

***Sign our letter to Governor Snyder now asking him to veto the Medicaid work requirements bill. 

We only have a short amount of time to make our voices heard, so after you take action please forward this email to your friends and family and encourage them to take action as well!

Together we can make Michigan families stronger and healthier!

P.S. Can you do one more very important action? Call Governor Snyder’s office and tell him to veto the Medicaid work requirements bill! You can use our hotline and we’ll connect you directly to the Governor’s office…you'll be done in just a few minutes. 1-855-976-1858

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