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 I'm writing to you from my kitchen table while my kids do their homework, appreciating just that they are here. Safe.  And I can't help but think of the empty spots on at the tables in families who've lost their children to gun violence, like those recently at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.

It's hard to put what's been happening lately to words. And it's particularly hard to convey the magnitude of what we just accomplished together--you, I, and us.

But here I go:

You were heard. 

Yesterday President Obama came out in support of all three of MomsRising's priority gun violence prevention policies: Universal background checks for gun purchases; restrictions on military-style assault rifles and high-caliber magazines; and a crackdown on gun trafficking.

Now we have to take it to the next level.

*Take a moment to tell your members of Congress that the ball is now in their court.  It's time for them to step up and pass gun safety laws:

And your action is needed today: Right now, your members of Congress are closely listening to how their constituents are reacting to these proposals and the gun lobby is out in force.

Your voice, your messages, the 5 seconds you take to click the action button matters.  It all adds up.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy, MomsRising members raised their voices urging national leaders to address our outdated gun safety laws.  In the last month alone, we sent in over 150,000 messages to leaders urging them to update our outdated gun safety laws; we urged retailers like Walmart to halt sales of military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines; we urged the NRA to support common sense reform; we signed and shared pledges to work for gun violence prevention policies; shared our stories; and more.

And then the President of the United States of America took action, signing 23 Executive Orders today to make our children and communities safer, and pushing forward a common sense gun violence prevention legislative platform.

It's up to us to keep the pressure on Congress.

The tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary school was a wake up call to the fact that nearly 40% of all gun sales happen without background checks, that military-style assault weapons with high-capacity magazines can be bought in places like Walmart, and that federal gun trafficking laws are largely missing in action in our nation.

Now that we're awake, we have to act.

*Take a moment to tell your members of Congress that it's time for them to step up and pass gun safety laws:

Thank you for all you do!

P.S. How is gun violence impacting you? We'd love to hear your thoughts.  This could be anything from your thoughts on what's been happening in the nation right now, to what's going on in your life.  We're pulling together stories from people across the nation to deliver to leaders.  Share your thoughts and experiences here:

P.P.S.  Want to sign up to drop off the "Pledge to Protect Our Children and Communities" with signatures at the office of your local in-district Congressperson in January?  Sign up here and we'll give you all the information you need:


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