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Recent statistics are alarming:

Right now Congress is making decisions about our nation’s budget that will determine whether we provide ladders of opportunity for our children and families; or whether we will continue to see more and more of our nation’s wealth shift to big business and billionaires.

Take a second to sign on to our letter asking Congress to: “Protect children and families in the budget, end the harmful automatic spending cuts of the sequester, and put America back on track to create ladders of opportunities for all!” You can sign on here:

This is a critical time to speak up for our nation’s families!  Big decisions are about to be made. The bipartisan Budget Conference Committee is supposed to come up with a budget plan by December 13th.  That is why lobbyists for big business and billionaires are lobbying hard right now for their clients.  The voices of America’s moms and dads must be heard loud and clear in the halls of Congress too.

Take action now and tell the Budget Conference Committee to “Protect children and families in the budget and put America back on track to create ladders of opportunities for all!”

Make sure to share this message with your friends and family by forwarding this blog post and posing the action link on Facebook, so the voices of parents across the country echo in the halls of Congress.

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