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Quick Signature Needed: Ask Congress to continue funding for CHIP!

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It’s always nice when an investment pays off!

And that’s the case when it comes to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). It was passed in 1997 with bipartisan support from Republicans and Democrats and, along with the Medicaid program, has helped cut the number of uninsured kids by half, from 14% down to 7%.

This is a big deal. Kids who have health insurance are less likely to get sick and more likely to get preventative care (including immunizations and dental care) to keep them well. It also ensures they get the treatment they need when they do get sick, injured, or have a recurring illnesses.

CHIP works. And CHIP has earned the support of 83% of Americans, because it works. But funding for the program is set to run out next year if Congress doesn’t act soon.

*Sign our petition urging Congress to take action to extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program!

CHIP is hugely successful. In fact, since CHIP was funded 17 years ago, it has helped reduce the number of uninsured children by an astounding 50 percent—even as the rate of uninsured adults continued to rise. CHIP is an economic lifeline that delivers peace of mind for millions of working families. With this program, working parents know that a job loss won’t mean losing health insurance for their children, and a sick child won’t mean bankruptcy.

CHIP is also used by many working families when employer coverage isn’t available. When I found myself trying to build up my business and having no insurance for my family, the first thing I worried about was coverage for my daughter. She suffers from febrile seizures and there have been times when I’ve had to rush her to the ER, unconscious with a rising fever, after a seizure that lasted 4 minutes. I am so grateful that CHIP was available for my daughter during a time when I didn’t have access to employer coverage.

Raise your voice and tell Congress: “Take action this year to ensure continued funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.”

Time is short. Right now, the U.S. Senate is considering the Children’s Health Insurance Program Extension Act of 2014 which would extend CHIP through 2019. It also incentivizes states to work to enroll uninsured (but CHIP-eligible) children.

But CHIP’s funding will expire by next year if Congress doesn’t act. This would result in millions of children being at risk of losing health coverage next year. We’ll deliver this petition and signatures to your lawmakers to let them know you want them to take action this year to ensure this critical program continues. Members of Congress need to hear from you! Tell them that continued funding for CHIP should be a top priority. 

Sign our petition to Congress now to help protect children’s health!

We all have so much to gain by moving CHIP forward. A child that is healthy means a family that’s free from the worry and burden (physical, financial, and psychological) that comes with illness. Healthy children have the opportunity to grow and thrive, be productive members of their families and our communities. No wonder in poll after poll we see Americans of all walks of life and political affiliation lend their support to children’s coverage through CHIP (First Focus Poll 2012, First Focus Poll 2009, NPR/Kaiser/Harvard Poll 2007).

The more of us who make our voices heard, the bigger the impact we'll have together. Please take a moment to forward this email to all the moms in your life, and share this action link on Facebook and Twitter:


Do you or someone you know depend on CHIP for your child’s healthcare needs? We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experiences with the Children’s Health Insurance Program:

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