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This Valentine’s Day, we’re telling Congress: “Don’t go breaking our hearts. Pass policies that families LOVE!” That’s right, it’s past time for Congress to show their love for our families and pass policies that are sweeter than a heart-shaped box of chocolates—policies that lift children, families, businesses, and our economy.

*Can you help by printing (or drawing) and decorating your own “Don’t go breaking our hearts!” Valentine for us to deliver to Congress? It’s simple! Just sign up here and we’ll send you a template and directions. It’s easy and fun!

What’s happening? Right now, Congress is deciding the funding for policies we love like affordable childcare, nutrition programs like WIC, protection for immigrants, and an expanded Child Tax Credit. It’s time for us to remind them that families across the nation are paying attention to what they are doing.

We’ll deliver your hand-decorated “Don’t go breaking our hearts!” Valentines to lawmakers on Capitol Hill to remind them that just as love blossoms in nurturing environments, so too can our society and economy thrive when we invest in families. Let's call on Congress to show some love for families this Valentine's Day!

Hand-decorating Valentines for Congress is an attention getting way to remind them to show some love for families! Plus, it’s a fun activity to do with the kids (or adults) in your life. Sign up now to decorate Valentines for us to deliver.

So, let’s tell Congress to fight for our families and make our nation's heart and economy stronger by passing policies that boost families. Your voice is essential to make sure they do! Grab your crayons, markers, or colored pencils to tell Congress, “Don’t go breaking our hearts. Pass policies that families LOVE!” (Plus: this is the perfect activity to do with your kids during a rainy or cold winter day!)

*Don’t forget to sign up to decorate a Valentine (or two, or more)! And don’t wait—we need to get all Valentines in the mail by January 31st so we can deliver them by Valentine’s Day!

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