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The tax plan Congress passed today, on a partisan basis, is an insult to our country’s working families. This atrocious bill was written hastily and in secret, then pushed through to a vote despite overwhelming public opposition. Its aim is clear: to cut taxes for corporations and wealthy individuals at the expense of hard-working families. This is a disgraceful piece of legislation that will be a disaster for our nation and our economy if it is signed into law.
Despite the lies that Republicans in Congress and the Trump administration have tried to sell us, the moms of America know that this bill isn’t for us; it’s for real estate moguls, Wall Street executives, and golf course owners. The Tax Policy Center reports that, in 2018, 65 percent of the benefits in this package will go to the top 20 percent of earners. By 2027, the bottom 60 percent of earners will actually see a tax increase.
This bill hits middle class families again and again while giving breaks to the richest members of our society and harming those who earn the least. Of course, this enormous wealth transfer to the mega-rich will ultimately be paid for through massive cuts to programs that boost our economy and that many low- and middle-income people rely on, like Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP. This tax bill will make our families hungrier, sicker and less financially secure. Our families and our economy will be dealing with the negative ramifications of this unpopular piece of legislation for years to come.
We urge President Trump to rethink his position and refuse to sign this bill into law. If not, the moms of America will work tirelessly to overturn this policy and create a government that works for Main Street, not Wall Street. America’s families deserve better.

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