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1. MEDIA: Stop manufacturing “Mommy Wars!” Instead, report on how families can make ends meet!
Demand a ceasefire in the so-called “Mommy Wars.” Help send a strong message to the media that uses this headline grabbing fiction to divide women.
Sign the Ceasefire Petition to let media leaders know we expect them to cover issues that matter to families trying to make ends meet! We want to support ourselves, our families, and each other-- not waste time on manufactured conflict for "entertainment."

*Thanks to Mothers Ought to Have Equal Rights (MOTHERS) for partnering with us on this timely issue.

2. MEDIA: Make Covering Children's Health a Top National Priority!

Sign the petition to tell Congress and the President that healthcare for all children should be a national priority.

Tell the President and Congress it's not acceptable to have 9 million kids without healthcare coverage, and millions more with inadequate coverage. And it's not okay to have 46 million total uninsured Americans. In our country, healthcare issues shouldn't be a leading cause of bankruptcy, and our childhood mortality rates shouldn't rank in at a pathetic 37th of all nations, according to the World Health Organization. This is simply not acceptable.

Thank you to Families USA, a non-profit organization and Children's Health Care Campaign leader, for their work as leaders in the movement to stand up for children's health care rights.

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